Beware: Obama's Iran War Talk is Israel's Suicide Walk
Beware: Obama's Iran War Talk is Israel's Suicide Walk

The Sunday Times recently, I believe, likely correctly framed Obama's general plan for his upcoming Israel visit, when it wrote: "[US President] Barack Obama will visit Israel next month for the first time as US president armed with the outline of a deal balancing the promise of tougher American action against Iran with fresh Israeli overtures to the Palestinians."

But unfortunately, Obama's March 2013 game is exactly Obama's May 2009 game when the new President Obama stated:

"[I]f there is a linkage between Iran and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, I personally believe it actually runs the other way. To the extent that we can make peace with the Palestinians – between the Palestinians and the Israelis – then I actually think it strengthens our hand in the international community in dealing with a potential Iranian threat.”

In essence, Obama wants to trade Obama's empty “Iranian 'war' talk" for Israel's "suicide 'peace' walk." Obama will only making explicit what has been his implicit policy since 2009. Obama's 'West Bank for a US Iran attack' "trade" is insane on its face, and should be rejected outright. Further, Obama's very "linkage" of the Iran's nukes with Israel coughing up a Palestinian State only means Obama intends to allow Iran to get nukes, and wants Israel to be the his "scapegoat" cover for the failure of Obama's own catastrophic Iranian nuclear appeasement.

Obama’s Iran nuclear policy can be summed up as “Speak softly, and carry no stick.”

First, why is Obama's “”talk” for “walk”” scam insane for Israel?

Simple, been there done that! The exact reason Bibi caved in 2009 to Obama and agreed to a settlement freeze on November 25, 2009 was that Bibi had, very likely, under-the-table agreed to Obama's Iran-West Bank linkage. And where did that get Israel? Iran exponentially accelerated its U235 enrichment and Abbas infinitely escalated the Palestinian's demands. So, Obama is doubling down on a lose-lose policy for Israel and a win-win for him.

Obama is doubling down on a lose-lose policy for Israel and a win-win for him.
In 2009, Obama made Bibi look like a 'Booby' and enabled Iran to enrich 1000s of kilograms of UF6 gas containing enriched U235 Uranium. In 2013, Bibi's caving to Obama will give Iran just the window it needs to breakout with a nuke. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, Iran gets a nuke.

Next, in short, Israel will be forced to immediately give up the concrete 'West Bank Palestinian Arab State', so Obama can jabber on with Iran for another 4 years with Iran. Great! So now, Iran only has to have Hamas lob chemical-tipped katyushas from Judea and Samaria into Tel Aviv in order to annihilate Israel, in addition to Iran having and delivering a nuke!

Net-net, Obama is really offering Israel "immediate suicide for bupkis." (“Bupkis” mean “absolutely nothing” in Yiddish.) For even if Obama actually physically attacked Iran in return for a "Palestinian Arab West Bank state", that state would still steal all of Israel's water, and would still fire ball-bearing war-headed rockets into Ben Gurion airport.

So, it's still Israeli suicide.

Third, Iran is the world's problem, not Israel's. Everyone in the Middle East but Middle East pundits knows that Iran's nukes represent a greater immediate totally existential threat to Saudi Arabia.

So, Obama's deal is a super lose-lose for Israel. Israel will get blamed by everybody for any deaths of American soldiers or pilots who "got killed for saving Israel's butt." Even though a US attack on Iran saved Saudi Arabia and the world. The pundits will scream, "Israel pushed America into an Iranian war it didn't need." And for what, hasn't US defense secretary and Chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff for years told us and sworn under oath to the US Congress that "at best a US attack on Iran will only delay, NOT eliminate Iran's nukes."

So, Israel will get hysterically blamed in the American media, for American body bags from an American attack on Iran and get, at best, a two year delay. And for a two year delay, Israel gives Iran an immediate "West Bank" beachhead from which it can easily genocidally murder 70 percent of Israel's population, and lay waste to 80 percent of her industrial base.

Finally, by Obama's suggestion of US -Iran-attack-for-Palestinian-Arab-state deal, he knows no Israel Prime Minister can be that totally stupid, and take it. Consequently, Obama has created for himself a perfect PR stunt to blame Israel for Iran getting nukes. What's more, Obama gets a perfect shield to dodge Israel's demands for an attack on Iran.

Just imagine Obama complaining to his American Jewish donors (who will eat it up like the liberal sycophants they are), "I tried my best to help Israel with Iran, but I needed their help with the Arabs, and Israel outright rejected my help. So, my hands were tied. Israel didn't know what's best for itself." To the world-at-large Obama’s blame will be a harsher, "Israel's rejection of Peace caused the Iranian nuclear bomb." So, Obama will lie and claim Israel caused an Iran's bomb, not his insane nuclear appeasement of a new Islamo-Nazi world threatening menace.

In conclusion, Israel must publicly, but politely, expose Obama's Orwellian linkage of a Palestinian Arab state in Judea and Samaria for a US Iranian war talk or even for a US Iranian attack for the perverse scam it truly is.

The Iran Nuke/PA state linkage must be publicly denuded as a policy hoax before President Obama lands on the Ben Gurion Tarmac. In fact, the more such nuke linkage Obama creates, the more Iran has an actual incentive, and cover, to accelerate its nuclear bomb program. Iran will have the perfect "Obama-approved" excuse for building a nuclear bomb: "Israel made me do it." The Europeans and Obama's left-wing Jewish donors will swallow it whole.

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