Today, Missiles from Gaza;Tomorrow, from the PA
Today, Missiles from Gaza;Tomorrow, from the PA

Seventy-five years ago, in November 1938, the Nazis rampaged through Nazi Germany, and parts of Austria, murdered 91 Jews, arrested another 30,000 Jews that were packed off to the gas chambers, and left streets covered in Jewish glass. It was called Kristallnacht, just a fancy way of saying it was a pogrom to murder Jews.

Today, in 2012, from Gaza, Muslim Nazis are firing rockets throughout Southern Israel. A new Muslim Nazi menace has arisen with the same specific intent of their German Nazi-forebears of 75 years ago: to murder the 6,000,000 Jews of Israel.

And just like the German Nazis, the Muslim Nazis have explicitly warned the Jews in words via their PLO and Hamas Covenants (which have never been amended to annjul the Israel destruction clauses), and wanton showering of civilians with their Katyusha-Nacht that a new, modern Holocaust is in the making. The only difference is the new, would-be Muslim Nazi Holocaust is a catastrophe aided by, and sometimes paid for by the ‘Peace Process’ Jews of Israel and America.

They come in all flavors, “Peace Now,” “The Jaffe Center (now the “INSS”),” “J Street,” “Israel Policy Forum,” “Washington Institute for Near East Policy,” “Americans for Peace Now.” These self-aggrandizing organizations are funded with annual budgets of hundreds of millions of dollars from thousands of Americans Jewish millionaires and billionaires who have no idea what they’re doing, but are nevertheless bent on implementing an Israeli two-state ‘solution.’

Imagine, tens of thousands of hours of these American and Israeli Jewish organizations are spent trying to create a Palestinian State from which the Muslim Nazis can launch katyushas rockets into Tel Aviv. The very same katyushas Hamas is firing now with ball-bearing loaded warheads can just as easily be fired with chemical warheads from Judea and Samaria.

Now, 1 million Jews sit in bomb shelters from the Gaza rockets. With Judea and Samaria in Muslim hands, six million Jews will sit in bomb shelters, especially in Tel Aviv. But the Americans Jews in the impregnable comfort of their mansions on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts and La Jolla, California have the gall to pontificate to Israeli Jews, who are being bombed and murdered only because they are Jewish, that Israel should cede Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) to a Muslim Nazi Auschwitz terror state.

To make matters worse, these Jews with their million-dollar budgets find useful-idiot former Israeli generals and Israeli admirals and Israeli politicians who can’t earn a real living, but come to America and “lecture” for tens of thousands of dollars a pop on “How great the ‘Peace Process’ is.”

Never mind that these Israeli ‘generals’ never explain (or know) that 50% of Israel’s fresh water comes from the mountains of the "West Bank". Never mind that these Israeli ‘generals’ never explain that if one katyusha or Kornet anti-tank missile is fired from the "West Bank" into Tel Aviv it will cause Israel to have to re-invade the entire area. Regardless, these bought-and-paid-for Israeli ‘generals’ slap a mask on their suicidal ‘Peace Process’ idea, parade the “Peace” lie like it’s “Truth from Mt. Sinai,” and line the coffers of their “think-tank” with gold.

Is George Soros cowering in Be’er Sheva huddled in a cold bunker while his child lives in fear abject fear? No! Yet, it is these very-same pompous self-absorbed Jewish billionaires who act like they are morally superior to Israeli Jews. It is these Jewish billionaires and millionaires who have funded and engineered Israel’s ‘Peace Process’ lobby.

And where are these Jewish billionaire hooligans when their fraudulent ‘Peace Process’ brings death and destruction to the hapless Jews of Israel? Where are JStreet and Peace Now when the Muslim Gaza rockets have murdered a pregnant Jewish Israeli woman?? Now, these fraudulent, self-righteous Jewish organizations are somehow nowhere to be found when their evil ‘Peace Process’ is exposed for the ‘Holocaust Process’ it truly is.

In fact, these ‘Peace’ crazies like Gershon Baskin start to hysterically rant to Arab newspapers that PM Netanyahu “made a grievous mistake” that will “cost the lives of innocent people on both sides.” The only people who “made a grievous mistake” are the ‘Peace Process’ cultists, who live in a messianic ‘Peace’ bubble funded by delusional Americans Jews who have nothing better to do with themselves. It is the ‘Peace’ cultists like Yariv Oppenheimer, head of Peace Now,  who have helped build the Muslim Katyusha-Nacht Gaza Terror State, and will stop at nothing to build a Muslim Terror State in Judea and Samaria.

However, in the Orwellian “War is Peace” and “Black is white” world of the messianic ‘Peace’ cultists, the hero settlers of Gush Katif were “obstacles to peace.” With Gaza’s rockets falling on Tel Aviv, it is now clear that the heroic settlers who brave Arab stones and bullets are not “obstacle to peace,” but are obstacles to Israel’s annihilation.

For with a Muslim Auschwitz Terror State in Judea and Samaria, Tel Aviv wouldn’t be getting hit by one or two stray Fajr-5 missiles, but with hundreds or thousands of Grad katyushas tipped with V-X nerve gas. And, unlike the missiles from Gaza, with missiles fired from the Palestinian Authority, the Iron Dome would have to defend an impossibly wide radius of possible vectored projectile trajectories. Any Israeli mobilization with even conventional katyushas ramming into Gush Dan would be impossible. The annihilation of 6 million Israeli Jews would be unavoidable.

My prayers and my family’s prayers are with not only the Jews of Southern Israel, but with all the citizens of Israel.

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