Jews, Leave Eurauschwitz Now!
Jews, Leave Eurauschwitz Now!

As comfortable as life can be in the arrondissements of Paris or in Berlin's cafes, the situation for the Jews will only worsen in Europe.

Not only European taxes are used in several ways to fund anti-Semitism of an intensity unseen since Nazi Germany, but the democratic Western countries are surprisingly the ones, primarily France and England, which registered the highest numbers of attacks in 2012.

If 90 incidents of anti-Semitic nature were recorded in Berlin since January, in the first eight months of 2012 UK registered 299 attacks deemed anti-Semitic so far.

A few days ago Chabad rabbi Yisroel Lew was punched and struck in the ear during a scuffle with men who shouted anti-Semitic abuse in Baker Street, central London. A few days later, the French police discovered a Jihadi network in Strasbourg. The salafists had a list of Jewish institutions to be targeted by terror attacks.

Sarcelles, once called the "French Jerusalem" and where most of Paris' Jews currently live, recently gave the nickname to the French aliyah to Israel: "Sarcelles d’abord". Here MP Jacques Myard was recently attacked by a mob yelling "this is Arab land, Zionists get out of it".

Meanwhile, anti-Jewish hatred grows in Europe's chattering classes, embodied by Günter Grass's new collection of poems, which demonizes Israel as a threat to world peace and praises the Israeli who revealed Israel's nuclear programs, Mordechai Vanunu, hailed by Grass as a "hero of our times". Only naiveté or perversion can transform a traitor into a hero.

"Grass is obsessed by the Jews as are the majority of Germans", says to me Henryk Broder, a columnist for Die Welt newspaper, who does not minimize the last poem of the Nobel Prize for literature, as the Israeli diplomats did (Jerusalem said that unfortunately for Grass, "he is not Schiller and Rilke").

"The Germans suffer from a kind of compulsive washing," says Broder. "Grass is a good example of two elements which produced a new type: guilt and shame. The famous 'special relationship' between Israel and Germany is based on the fact that Germany killed six million Jews, nothing else. It's a syndrome, Berlin sells submarines to Israel but on his own terms, supports Iran which wants to destroy Israel, as in the past it sold weapons of mass destruction to Iraq, but also gas masks in Israel. Thus, the memory of the Holocaust has become an excuse for not having to deal with the potential second Holocaust in the Middle East".

Broder's last book is titled "Vergesst Auschwitz", Forget Auschwitz.

"The Germans are anti-fascists and friends of peace and they don't miss a day of remembrance in Auschwitz, Dachau and Bergen-Belsen", Broder says to us. "Like the former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who called for a day of remembrance. Since '68, the old Federal Republic of Germany has discovered the Holocaust, 'Look, we have learned the lesson from history, unlike the Americans and the Jews who are still warmongers, while we good Germans are on the right path of peace'.

"In Germany there are 120 memorials of the Holocaust and a school trip to the nearest concentration camp is now part of the repertoire. On the anniversary of the Holocaust Museum in Berlin, historian Eberhard Jackel said: 'Nations envy us this memorial.' I would have liked to go outside and cry to heaven, 'How lucky my parents were of being able to contribute.'

"For the Germans as Grass, redemption passes through guilt. The town of Frankfurt has just awarded Judith Butler, a Jewish anti-Zionist militant, is there any better candidate?

"The dead Jews are Germany's most favorite Jews, because they do not infer with the rites of memory unlike those stubborn Israelis who refuse to disappear from the pages of history. I find it absurd that every year thousands of students are brought to Auschwitz, when they should learn that Jews have a right to their own state. Since they forgot to do it seventy years ago, today I would bomb Auschwitz. Forget Auschwitz, think of Israel".

That's why during the 2009 Gaza war, the American writer Cynthia Ozick proposed to abolish the memorial days in Europe, as the West is perverting the Shoah. The West tried to entrench the Holocaust in the consciousness of mankind and all our museums and memorials have educated people who otherwise might not have realized the enormity of the genocide. But the further the Holocaust recedes into time, the more detrimental our Western memorials have become.

The mirror of the German’s rotten conscience is the Museum of the Holocaust built in Berlin by the postmodern architect Daniel Libeskind. Old suitcases, dishes, photographs, glasses, violins and postcards left by the dead Jews serve to transmit the impression of a lost history. An empty space in the basement at the end of a large, dark corridor, neither heated nor air- conditioned, lit only by a shaft of natural light at the top, produces the spectacularization of the Holocaust.

The result is that the public is now completely desensitized to the unique catastrophe that was the destruction of European Jewry. The memory gets muddled, the facts become factoids and then falsified.

Never before has knowledge of the Holocaust been disseminated all over the West as it is today. Yet never before has the anti-Jewish venom and the Nazi style monsterization of Israelis spread like a virus as it is today. That's why you find more sincerity about the Holocaust in the PLO charter, Hamas’ manifesto and Iranian speeches than in the Western lacrimose memorials with their dictatorship of a fetishizied, abstract and stereotyped memory.

The day after a memorial pompose speech in Vichy, the French authorities can close their eyes on the anti-Jewish assaults in Sarcelles or Saint Denis.

The Holocaust is going to be consigned to “the last century” due to the death of the last survivors. It will be the first step from history to story, from story to myth, from myth to dream and from dream to amnesia. In a few years, Europe will use Auschwitz against Israel, the living inheritance of the survivors and their descendants.

As Grass has clearly shown, Europe made a mockery of memory and all her staid vigilance of the dead Jews is rendering indifferent to the genocidal violence against the living Jews.

The latest Sanremo Music Festival in Italy, one of the most famous in Europe, honored Roberto Vecchioni. He wrote a song called “Marika,” a sort of love letter to Palestinian suicide bomber Hanadi Jaradat, who killed 20 Jews at the Maxim restaurant in Haifa.

A Swedish museum displayed an artist work eulogizing the same female suicide bomber, with a small ship carrying a picture of Jaradat, sailing in a rectangular pool filled with red-colored water, and accompanied by a piece of Bach music.

Vecchioni’s song says: “Sing Marika, sing, you are beautiful in time of destiny, gripping the dynamite as a daughter in your bosom.”

Our Western cultural icons have much Israeli blood on their hands. Before it’s too late, Europe's Jews should leave for Israel. It’s a tragic but unavoidable process: the situation will only worsen in this “Eurauschwitz".