Libya, Tunisia, Egypt: "It's the Jews' Fault"
Libya, Tunisia, Egypt: "It's the Jews' Fault"

Four American diplomats murdered, the Ambassador reportedly raped before being slaughtered and dragged through the street.

America comes under widespread siege--and not only in the Middle East.

This time, the excuse is a film which Muslims find offensive.

That those same Muslims preach, teach, publish, and produce oodles of cartoons, articles, sermons, and films which insult other peoples and faiths does not even enter into the equation…nor does the well-planned use of weapons in the "spontaneous" attacks.

And amid all of the above, who gets the blame?

Why, of course--who else?

It's the Jews, of course!

At least the original libel that the film was created by an Israeli-American was quickly proven false.    

But I was listening to Fox News' O'Reilly the other night. He gave a fairly accurate Talking Points segment, but later asked two guests why they thought all of this was happening now. Greg Gutfeld gave a reasonable response. But the other, Bernard McGuirk, injected the Jew factor into the rest of his answer:

"We're there to protect the state of Israel and that's the way it should be."

And O'Reilly agreed.

Oh, really?

The violence which erupted on September 11th 2012 couldn't have been related to the 11th anniversary of the Jihadi murder of some three thousand other Americans, now could it?

Oh, I see--that too was due to the Jews.

Still, what a coincidence!

McGuirk sounded like so many others who like to claim that America went to war against Hitler to save the Jews--and other such fantasies.

Forget the fact that Hitler first declared war on the United States--not vice-versa.

Or that FDR refused to bomb the railroad tracks leading into Auschwitz, gas chambers, or other extermination camp facilities, while American planes were flying within a few miles of them to get to other targets.

Or that the same president turned back almost a thousand German Jewish refugees on board the S.S. Saint Louis pleading for safe haven off the coast of Florida who wound up perishing in the Holocaust.

Or that FDR's administration kept the immigration quotas 90% under-filled--meaning it could have saved 190,000 Jews under the existing quotas, without changing the immigration laws.

And now that the stench of Auschwitz has subsided, is denied, and so forth, and another would-be Hitler--this time based in the Middle East--announces his plans to finish the job on what he calls "the one bomb nation," to add insult to injury, we have to deal with the above hallucinations.

But, first things first.

While I can't account for O'Reilly and his guests' expertise on the Middle East, I can say that I have done extensive research and doctoral studies in this field. My work can be found in leading institutions all over the world.

Granted, there is room for honest disagreement for those who have poured the time and effort to seek out truth; still, there is no doubt that the violence we are now witnessing only tangentially relates to McQuirk and O'Reilly's alleged Jew factor.

While it may be politically incorrect to state what comes next, the deep-seated hatred vast numbers of Muslims have for the West is simply part of the confrontation that has been going on since Muhammad's armies burst out of the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century C.E. and conquered lands and peoples north, south, east, and west. This dates back to long before the resurrection of Israel was anything but prophecy and a mere dream.

In those conquests, the Arabs (and later also the willingly Arabized) became the rulers and everyone else the ruled.

The ruled fell into two main categories. If they were "People of the Book" (Ahl al-Kitab--Christians, Jews, and later Zoroastrians), payment of special taxes and acceptance of other degrees of subservience and subjugation could gain such folks "protection." They became dhimmis, and their fate varied with time and place.

If, however, the conquered peoples were Hindus, Buddhists, and such, the choice was simply conversion to Islam or death. Indeed, countless millions were slaughtered in those Jihads. The experience of the Indian sub-continent was a prime example of this.

Regardless, one thing remained--and remains--constant:

The conquered peoples were forever to be subordinate to their Muslim masters.

Once a land and its native, pre-Arab and/or pre-Muslim population had been conquered in the name of the Dar ul-Islam, it could never revert to its earlier "inferior" status when it was still part of the Dar al-Harb--the realm of war.

Now follow carefully this next point.

While religion may be on a downswing elsewhere, it is still very much alive and well in the realm of Islam and in places where scores of millions of Muslims have also now moved to.

But there is a complicating factor which now also enters the picture.

Since the eclipse of the last great Islamic empire (that of the Ottoman Turks) a few centuries earlier, the world--as many, if not most, Muslims see it--has been completely turned on its head.

And the process began even earlier. At the same time that the West was witnessing its Renaissance and later Enlightenment, the realm of Islam was largely left in the former's dust. It has fallen farther and farther behind with each subsequent century, beholden to others for the necessities of the modern world.

This was and is seen as an unacceptable change of fortune…the  culture and civilization of the dhimmi ruled now not only demanding equality, but often superiority to supposedly legitimate Islamic rulers.

And, to make matters even worse, the dhimmi of all dhimmis ( both Islam's kilab yahud "Jew dog" killers of prophets / sons of apes and pigs and Christendom's "Deicide People" ), the Jews, in one tiny, resurrected state, came to accentuate this humiliating state of Islamic decline perhaps even the most.

Israel is hated because the Jews represent, for a dominant, conquering, subjugating Arab Islamic/Islamist mindset, a world totally turned upside down. When the Arabized Iranian, Ahmadinejad, calls Israel the Little Satan to America's Great Satan, he is merely vocalizing this same concept.  

America is hated not for Jews nor for their reborn nation.

America is hated--deep down even in most so-called "moderate" Islamic (especially Arab) countries--because, whether it intends to or not, it represents the light years advance of dhimmi civilization over Muslim societies which still see themselves as the former's superior, rightful masters.

Lastly, to further burst the McQuirk and O'Reilly balloon, it is Israel which is hated largely due to America--not the reverse.

Representing a bastion of more inclusive, more tolerant, truly democratic values which have come to represent the best of America and the West, the Jewish State is also despised by its would-be Muslim re-conquerors out of sheer envy.

America was indeed founded on Judeo-Christian values, and the early Europeans coming here for a new, better life saw themselves coming to the new Zion. And they called America just that.

It is no accident that the inscription on America's Liberty Bell comes right out of Hebrew Scripture:

"Proclaim Liberty Throughout  All The Land Unto All The Inhabitants Thereof" (Leviticus 25:10).

Show me where such "liberty" has ever existed in any Arab/Muslim-ruled land.

The "democracy" of the so-called Arab Spring will, at best, become the tyranny of the Islamist majority. Sad but true--and the American State Department is among those who enable this sorry state of affairs.

Of all the conquered peoples, it is thus the sorest of sore points that the very Jews who rejected Muhammad's religio-political claims in the first place (and whom were slaughtered and enslaved for that some fourteen centuries earlier) are now the same folks who, despite their own imperfections, shine when compared to anything the so-called "Arab"/Muslim world has yet to offer.

The murder and desecration of Ambassador Chris Stevens was about this pent up frustration and lust for revenge and dominance--a perpetual longing to put the dhimmis of the world back into their rightful, timid places.

It's time to confront the above realities head-on and to stop blaming the Jews.