CIA 721: Obama, the Pro-Iranian Nuclear Bomb President
CIA 721: Obama, the Pro-Iranian Nuclear Bomb President

Vice President Joe Biden blurted out, and then doubled down on, what President Obama really thinks: Romney is "ready to go to war in Syria and Iran."

Biden's verbal salvo doesn't mean that Romney wants to go to war, but only proves that Obama is not "ready to go to war with Iran" and will do nothing to stop Iran from acquiring a technologically easily built U235 Hiroshima gun-type nuclear bomb.

The Obama campaign assault proves that when Obama says "all options are on the table," Obama means "especially the appeasement, Iran-gets-the-nuke, option!!!!"

Obama is all too happily "complicit" in appeasing Iran into building a workable nuclear weapon, after which Iran will become immune to attack just as the nuclear-capable North Korea became immune to attack once North Korea acquired a bomb.

Obama's Iranian Nuclear "Red Line" is actually circular "logic", specifically designed by Obama to enable Iran’s acquisition of a full nuclear arsenal. Obama's "Red Line" goes something like this: Let's wait to attack Iran until Iran actually builds a nuclear bomb, and then we can't attack Iran because Iran has the nuclear bomb.

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The real black and white proof of Obama's decision to allow Iran's acquisition of a nuclear arsenal is found in a little known, legally mandated, unclassified annual A kamikaze planning nuke-armed Iranian mini-sub could easily be secreted through the Suez Canal inside the shadow of a radar anomaly of another Iranian warship and commit a sneak Nuclear Pearl Harbor against Tel Aviv from the Mediterranean.
report that the CIA must give to the US Congress, called the Section 721 Report. These open source, unclassified reports show that when Obama took office in early 2009, Iran had almost no enriched U235, and now Iran has an amount of enriched U235 which, with just a little further enrichment, is enough for 4 nuclear bombs.

Obama can't blame Iran's U235 enrichment on Bush. The 721 reports prove Iranian enrichment happened on Obama's "watch." So, on Obama's watch, Iran now has enough U235 which, if enriched further, could build 4 atomic bombs. Bibi wasn't lying, he was reading the CIA's own documents. The graph of the section 721 records shows the dramatic increase of enrichment under Obama:

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U235 is the isotope of Uranium that is relatively unstable, and works well in a chain reaction required in a gun-type nuclear bomb. The Uranium found in nature is mostly the unreactive Uranium isotope 238, with a very small percentage of the U235 isotope. This really just means that U238 has same number of positive protons in its nucleus as its isotope cousin U235, and just 3 more neutrons than U235. These three extra neutrons present in U238, and not present in U235, make all the difference in the world. These extra 3 neutrons make the U238 nucleus just a little more stable, and hence less reactive, than its U235 cousin, and therefore U238 is not as conducive for a chain reaction nuclear bomb.

Also, you need about 40-50 kilograms of 90% U235 to make a linear gun-type nuclear bomb. As a point of information, Plutonium is much more difficult element to trigger as a nuclear bomb, and needs a completely different and more complicated bomb assembly. The second bomb dropped on Nagasaki, code-named Fat Man, was a Plutonium spherical "fat" multi-point implosion bomb.

The Hiroshima gun-type was so easy to build that the American scientists felt they didn't even need to test it before they used it. So, the Enola Gay B-29 Superfortress (which, as if it was taken out of a Kurt Vonnegut novel, was named after the Pilot's mother) dropped the first nuclear U235 Uranium bomb in the world on Hiroshima without the bomb, code-named Little Boy, ever having being  tested.

The famous Trinity bomb test wasn't a test of the Uranium gun-type design, but, in fact, a test of the infinitely more complicated Plutonium spherical implosion Fat Man type of nuclear bomb.

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The point about a gun-type nuclear bomb is that it is technologically a very easy bomb for the Iranians to build. It also topologically fits well into either a missile or a mini-submarine.

Iran has a very advanced and robust fleet of Ghadir class mini-subs that could deliver such a nuclear bomb, kamikaze style, to its intended target.

Such a kamikaze nuke-armed Iranian mini-sub could easily be secreted through the Suez Canal inside the shadow of a radar anomaly of another Iranian warship and commit a sneak Nuclear Pearl Harbor against Tel Aviv from the Mediterranean.

In fact, at 6:51am December 7, 1941, the USS Antares and USS Ward were the first to engage Japanese forces in World War 2 and successfully sink the Japanese combatant Ko-hyoteki class midget sub - a full hour before the Pearl Harbor attack actually commenced in earnest at 7:53am. The USS Ward crew saved countless lives by their brave actions. But, the USS Ward also failed to extrapolate that the immediate threat was merely a vanguard of a larger force, and hence failed to trigger a full battle stations to the Pearl Harbor main naval base at 6:51am.

The key is the Iranian midget subs; order of battle is leveraged most powerfully in a surprise attack.

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The first problem is once the Uranium is U235 enriched, bombing the building housing the enriched Uranium 235 still leaves the elemental enriched U235 in the building's debris. This debris can then be "mined," and Iran can cost effectively recover all of the already enriched U235. Bombing the centrifuge buildings only destroys the centrifuges, and doesn't elementally destroy the already enriched Uranium 235. As an example, think of bombing Fort Knox. Does destroying Fort Knox destroy the elemental gold bars inside of Fort Knox? It will merely melt the gold, but not destroy the gold itself.

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The second problem is the Zagros Mountains ring the Western border of Iran and range to 4000 meters high which is on a par with the Swiss Alps and the American Rockies. All of Iran's enrichment facilities are east of the Zagros. So, Iran knows Obama's deployment of the F-22's to Persian Gulf airbases was a total joke because the F-22 have proved death traps for pilots at high altitudes like those encountered in the Iranian Zagros mountains due to a faulty oxygen system on the F-22. Thus, the F-22 has been grounded, and/or its missions severely delimited in altitude.

This is the exact kind of problem you don’t want to have with a jet fighter tasked with flying over the Zagros Mountains on the Ultimate mission.

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Lastly and most importantly, while Obama is virulently attacking Israel, Obama's has armed Iraq, Iran's handmaiden and newest puppet-state, with a brand spanking new fleet of 36 US F-16I Block 52 interceptor combat aircraft. The Block 52 variant is "of the same configuration" as sold to Israel. Obama's precipitous retreat in Iraq has, sub silento, turned Iraq into an Iranian Shiite province with nominal President al Maliki as an Iranian Shiite governor. In fact, it was recently reported that Obama recently has dramatically accelerated the delivery to Iraq, Iran's newest puppet, of 18 F16IQs to a March 2013 delivery date (up from the original September 2014).

By murdering Sunni Iraqi pilots, Iran guarantees that the new Iraqi Air Force will be a 100% Shiite Iranian Air force.
So, even though US officials "acknowledged that Iraq has come under increasing influence of Iran," Obama is actually rapidly arming Iran's Shiite-puppet Iraqi airspace defense with latest and greatest American advanced warplanes. One last piece of the Iranian "hostile" takeover of the Iraqi air force is that ABC reported that a WikiLeak document claimed that "Iran has assassinated 180 Iraqi pilots." By murdering Sunni Iraqi pilots, Iran guarantees that the new Iraqi Air Force will be a 100% Shiite Iranian Air force. Obama's isn't ever remotely possibly planning to attack Iran if Obama is now arming Iran's Shiite puppet-state with F16IQ's as of March 2013.

If Obama is re-elected in November 2012, in March 2013, Iran's puppet-state, Iraq, armed with even just the first tranche of the 18 new F16Is, and with a non-complicit US President Obama ordering USCENTCOM to deliver real-time satellite intelligence mid-air course intercepts of Israeli planes to the Iraqi Air Force, those 18 Iraqi F16s will become an impenetrable wall of death to any Israeli Air Force attack on Iran vectored through Iraq or even Saudi Arabia. For, if Israeli planes are using Saudi Arabia as their vector, Iraq and its Iranian masters will think nothing of violating Saudi Air space to intercept the Eastward vectored flying Israelis.

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In short, Obama is much worse than a modern day Neville Chamberlain. In 1938, even Chamberlain didn't sell Nazi Germany Great Britain's Spitfires, and would not have  let Hitler develop nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, Obama has fostered, heavily-armed Iran's Shiite-Puppet Iraq with F16s and advanced radar nodes, and generally encouraged the genocide-threatening Iran to arm itself with nuclear weapons.

Israel won't be Iran's first nuclear target, the Sunni Saudi Arabians will be. Iran can use the Uranium bomb in such a way as to electronically decapitate all of Saudi Arabia's advanced weapons, including any nuclear missiles Saudi Arabia might buy from the Chinese.

Just like with Chamberlain's appeasement of Hitler, ultimately, America will pay 1000 times more in lives and treasure fighting a nuclear Iran in the future than it would if it effectively stopped Iran before it acquires a nuclear bomb.