Israel's Tourism Ministry Needs a Wake-Up Call
Israel's Tourism Ministry Needs a Wake-Up Call

Flash forward to the year 2021 and try to imagine this worst-case scenario:

Besieged constantly on all borders, and with terror attacks on Jews even inside Israel ever on the rise and the United States State Department supporting enemy states and boycotts against Israel in cooperation with the Muslim Brotherhood, with endless riots and rockets and streaming numbers of foreign anarchists entering the country to organize more riots, and deadlier attacks not just from Hzbullah and Hamas, but even South American terrorist groups imported to help their brothers, the Israeli government has finally collapsed.

The IDF, one of the best in the armies in the world, suffers manpower shortages as so-called “peace” groups of soldiers encourage draft resistance among the young and tour the world convincing people it is another Wehrmacht.

Arafat’s dream of an intifada modeled after the relentless campaign against the French in Algeria just took longer than anticipated, but success came at last, along with the dismantling of Jewish shrines and even history.

Back in the USA, history has been altered in the college educational system by tenured professors imported from the Middle East to mold the minds of students to believe that the Jewish state of Israel is not a democracy, but a horrible place where Jews practice genocide against the Arabs. Israeli jails are packed to overflowing with terrorists and murderers - who, actually,  on an average, only served a few years in jail before release and who then killed more Jews.

One day all of these things come home to roost, as busloads of Jews flee to the airport subject to rock attacks and occasional killings, as much of the Jewish population is driven out.

The PLO and Hamas, along with the ISM, all rejoice at their success. The new state of Palestine is set up as a secular democracy, a socialist state along the PFLP design to please the US, Russia and the Saudis who pledge millions of petrodollars to “rebuild.”

The Iranians hail it as a sign of the coming of the 12th imam. It only takes about six months before the few Jews who remain, no matter what their beliefs, start being attacked by the Muslim majority. After a while, the PFLP Arabs find themselves also being eliminated by the Muslims in a purge of “Christian influences,” much like the purges in Gaza after the Disengagement.

Palestinian schoolbooks now tell the story about how Israel was brought down, not with jets, or nuclear war, but by a campaign of teaching just the opposite of what Israel really was.

Up to now, this article is a fruit of a  wild imagination set loose. The next part is real. Now.

The co-founder of the ISM, George Rishmawi went to the United States and started a program in 2004 called Palestine Summer Encounter which later ws funded by the colleges involved themselves. That program brought anarchist students to Judea and Samaria to riot and get college credit for it.

Only a few years later, Rishmawi created a new program, the Olive Tree Initiative, that brought college students, mostly Jews, to the Holy Land, where they were given propaganda tours and were told IDF soldiers kill Arab children for target practice.

Jewish Federations in America and taxpayer-supported universities even funded these programs, because they were supposedly leading to dialogue for peace. The Federations, upon learning that the students met clandestinely with Hamas leadership, covered it up and promoted the program even more.

Jewish quislings abounded during all this who were well-paid or joined Marxists - who abandoned Judaism long ago.

Another ISM-linked group, Interfaith Peace Builders, came regularly to Israel not to promote interfaith but to promote the end of a Jewish state back in America. Even Christian churches in America, like the Presbyterians, sponsored tours to bring back tales of Jewish genocide of innocent Arabs, and the need to boycott the Jews.

The following email is circulating today among the ISM for yet another tour group: (formerly Meretz USA)  

We invite you to join us in Israel for an incomparable
educational and travel experience!

The Israel Symposium

Reserve your space now!

For price details and other questions, please call
(212) 242-4500 or contact us by email - [email protected]
An extraordinary one-week journey to Israel that allows participants to meet, learn from and build bridges with key Israeli & Palestinian policy and opinion-makers, Arab & Jewish social activists, journalists, academics, authors & artists.
From a former participant:

"Israel faces complex challenges. The Israel Symposium won't dictate the solutions. But it will provide you with new perspectives - ones that you normally don't get in the mainstream media - and encourage you to pose the tough questions that need to be asked."

Exchange ideas with prominent Israelis and Palestinians such as*:

Shimon Peres, Salam Fayyad, Zehava Galon, Tzipi Livni, Naomi Chazan, Yossi Beilin, Gershon Baskin, Avraham Burg, Yuli Tamir, Ahmed Tibi, Colette Avital, Saeb Erekat, Amira Hass, A.B. Yehoshua, Akiva Eldar, Amal Elsana-Alh'jooj

Confer with progressive organizations such as*:
Meretz, B'Tselem, Machsom Watch, Breaking the Silence, IPCRI, Gisha, Geneva Initiative, Peace Now, and the Parents Circle

*Based on previous years' itineraries; each Symposium's program will vary.

The list of speakers with the exception of the hallucinatory and perennial Oslo promoter Shimon Peres, and the opposition partner Tzipi Livni, includes Israelis who openly support the Palestinians in their efforts to stop Israel from being a Jewish state. Avraham Burg lives in France now, having told Israelis to abandon the country. The Arabs on the list include Saeb Erekat who announced on world news that Jenin was “wiped out” by the IDF. Akiva Eldar and Amira Hass, who lives in Ramallah, PA, both consistently promote the goals of the Arab terrorists in their articles.

And the organizations? All of them are ISM- linked groups that claim they are “peace” groups but are funded by the EU to try to promote the idea of a non-Jewish state. Parents Circle is a particularly vile group of liars, "dancing on the blood of the dead".

Rather than promoting dialogue to lead to peace, this is another “bash and delegitimize Israel tour” so these people can indoctrinate others to return to America and further de-legitimize Israel and are disguised as an educational tour showing both sides. The Tourism Ministry has to give them a permit for such a tour and apparently doesn’t understand what they are doing to Israel abroad with these groups.

For those who would scream “freedom of speech”, this is an example of controlled speech. The Ministry of Tourism may see tourist dollars here, but Israel is still in a state of war with the Arab world and the Palestinians freely admit they won’t accept Israel’s existence as a Jewish state.

These propaganda tours have to be stopped or be regulated to show balance as a security necessity as they are just another weapon in the Arab-Communist-Muslim axis arsenal to bring down the Jewish democratic state.

Meretz, by the way, is Israel’s communist party (which should be a major tip-off) following the Stalinist line of anti-Zionism that was lined up with the Arabs during the Cold War.

If you can imagine American groups touring Eastern Europe during World War II for “peace” then bringing people back in groups to lecture across America about American abuses of human rights in Germany, even speeches given by “Jews,” then you can understand why the Ministry of Tourism must wake up.