War with Iran is Inevitable
War with Iran is Inevitable

In my latest talk show on the Paltalk News Network, I discussed Iran’s quest for becoming a nuclear power. 

I predicted that the Islamic fundamentalist regime will not yield to the world’s demands, that Iran will keep its macho talk loud and condescending.  I claimed that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei will not cave in to pressure no matter what sanctions the Americans or the EU impose on the Islamic republic.

I asserted that although macho talk in the Islamic Middle East was a standard adopted by all militant Islamic leaders, the Iranian government would be flexing its muscles, flaunting its sharp teeth. It believes that economic sanctions will hurt but not as much as caving in to American demands.

I explained that in a culture where false honor precedes anything that moves under the sun, where life without “honor” is far worse than death, where honor killing is a religious diktat, caving in to economic sanctions is equivalent to an unconditional surrender. And surrendering to the “Great Satan” merely because life is a little tough is inexcusable, dishonorable behavior; it is treason that merits the death sentence.

My conclusion — war is inevitable; either the U.S. or Israel will have to undertake military action to stop Iran before the mullahs reach a nuclear status because sanctions and negotiations will not come up to scratch — was met by emotional left-minded objections.

“The U.S. should not go to war on behalf of Israel,” one caller claimed.

A nuclear Iran equipped with long range ballistic missiles will pose a devastating threat to all western countries.
“No American soldier should die as a result of the Jewish lobby’s control of U.S. foreign policy,” another complained. “We can’t afford another war; Iran is not a threat to America. Let the Israelis take care of themselves.”

Really? ”Iran does not pose any threat to America? President Obama is a Jew puppet?” This left-minded ignorance and naiveté blended with Jew-hatred is the guts of the problem and the fuel sprouting the antisemitic embers into a fully-blown hellhole inferno.

Unfortunately some prominent, well-meaning Israeli leaders like former Mossad boss Meir Dagan and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert inspire this logic by condemning (through the international media) present Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu  for hinting at an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

“Israel should let the U.S. take care of Iran,” they exclaim.  “An Israeli strike on Iran should be a very last resort, if at all.” And the rest of the world listens…

They are right. An Israeli strike on Iran should be a very last resort. There is no doubt in my mind that Netanyahu agrees as well. Letting someone else do the dirty work for you is a great plan, especially when the Americans are in a much better position to get it done.

But there is no need to make it look like Israel is pressuring the U.S. to attack Iran for the sake of Israel. There is no need to create the appearance that Iran is merely an Israeli problem.

Yes. Let the western powers as well as Russia and China try their best in convincing Iran to cease their nuclear ambitions; let the economic sanctions take their course. No doubt, they will all prove insufficient.

But what will the consequences be if in the face of that failure Obama does not fall back on military action? Does Meir Dagan have the answer? Is he willing to go beyond “let the U.S. take care of business” and tell us what should be done if the United States does not follow his advice?

Iran is not an Israeli problem. It is an international one. The mullahs have already advertised their aspirations for world domination under an Islamic caliphate based in Tehran.

If this sounds like an empty talk, an infeasible overreach, then one may want to consider Iran’s ambitions for control of the Persian Gulf and the rest of the Middle East oil resources and delivery systems. In an effort to accomplish this mission, Iran is developing missiles capable of reaching Europe today and the U.S. in a few years. A nuclear Iran equipped with long range ballistic missiles will pose a devastating threat to all western countries.

A nuclear Iran will undoubtedly set off a race by other Middle Eastern countries trying to meet the nuclear altitude and claim parity with the Iranian challenge. The risk of nuclear proliferation will grow to a certainty, and the chance of nuclear terrorism will become a reality.

Iran must be stopped before it becomes a nuclear power. Netanyahu is doing the right thing by bringing the Iranian nuclear threat to the fore by making clear that the Iranian threat is not confined to Israel, that it is a global threat. He is doing the right thing by threatening an Israeli military action even though that action may be his least preferred choice.

Netanyahu’s political maneuverings have already borne fruits. He has alerted the rest of the world to the danger. The U.S. has announced its readiness and availability for stopping Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

And since the Obama administration does not want Israel to preempt its planning and upset its control over developments in the Persian Gulf, it will have to initiate proper action before Israel finds itself with no other option.

Voices inside Israel calling for Netanyahu to abandon his present “Iran strategy” and assume a stronger reliance on the Unite States fail to decipher that this is exactly what the prime minister is doing.

Nevertheless, public calls for “letting the U.S. do the dirty job for Israel” carry an undesired message that is resented by many Americans who do not have a deep understanding of the Iranian threat to themselves.