Danish ISM Activist Used Fake Name to Enter Israel!
Danish ISM Activist Used Fake Name to Enter Israel!

Something didn’t fit.

Every time I heard or read the name of the Danish activist struck by Lieutenant Colonel Eisner it didn’t ring true. He identified himself at Andreas Ayas, sometimes spelled Ias.

But Ayas is a Muslim Arab name, not a Scandinavian one.

When I dyed my skin, hair and eyebrows to go undercover as a Pakistani at an ISM training event in San Francisco in 2004, I listened as I was instructed how to harass the IDF as an ISM volunteer.

Of the ten ISM volunteers I went through training with that day, all were arrested and deported on arrival in Israel.

The Foreign Ministry didn’t want to see my report on the training at all and I had to get it to the Shin Bet via other means.

The lead trainer, Jamie Spector, then tried to get access to Israel via the Supreme Court demanding to be allowed to enter the same country she wanted destroyed for the Arabs because she was of Jewish descent. She failed and was deported and is still an anti-Israel activist in San Francisco.

I was also told by Spector during training, that if I was caught and deported, I could easily get a new passport and return yet again to make trouble.

Israel stamps the passports of ISM activists who are deported, so they are banned from the country for ten years. Despite the strict passport laws in the US against passport fraud that mete out a fifteen year sentence for such actions, the US State Department almost never enforces the law against ISM agitators.

The exception was a Richard Davis Hupper, another ISM volunteer who was convicted of passport fraud, but only to pressure him because he was also convicted of providing $20,000 to Hamas, still a federally designated terrorist group in the US.

Hupper was recently released from prison. Hupper was an unemployed machinist when he somehow acquired $20,000 for Hamas and was an ISM volunteer who had once been deported from Israel.

Paul LaRudee, the head of Norcal ISM in the San Francisco Bay Area, was caught and deported from Israel in 2006. I learned that he traveled to Israel again after being deported under the false name of Paul Wilder. He used that name and passport again during the Mavi Marmara debacle.

When the ISM trained me, they told me to photocopy my passpor,t so if I were ever detained by the Magav (Israel Border Police, ed.} or IDF, I could slip away while my colleagues made trouble and be assured my passport was back at the hotel.

Criminals use an alias for a specific reason, as do ISM activists, who really are no better than criminals when they serve as human shields for the terrorist groups that would kill Jews and other Israelis.

By LaRudee’s own account, they are not pacifists but recognize the right of the Arabs to use arms against Israelis and even encourage this. They are human shields who only claim to be pacifists to trick the uninitiated.

LaRudee, after a struggle in the Israeli Supreme Court, was deported and then went to Lebanon to aid the Hizbullah as a human shield during the 2006 summer war, along with ISM co-founders Huwaida Arraf and Adam Shapiro.

So - sure enough, after some investigating, I learned that Danish ISM activist Andreas Ayas is not whom he says he is. An article put out by the Guardian in the UK has Ayas admitting he used a faked identity and his name is not Ayas or Ias.

To quote the Guardian: “Nevertheless, Ias – not his real name – is dismayed that in the aftermath of him being struck in the face with a soldier's rifle, so little attention has focused on what he describes as the routine aggression, harassment and displacement suffered by Palestinian villagers in the area.”

OK, blah, blah, blah, the usual “routine aggression, harassment and displacement of the innocent Palestinian villagers” spiel and baloney as they throw rocks and Molotov cocktails at our IDF soldiers like Lieutenant Colonel Eisner and facilitate terror attacks on Israelis.

When someone enters a foreign country to attack the security personnel within and act as a human shield for terrorist groups - and does so with a fake identity and passport - I’d call that a major crime.

When someone enters a foreign country to attack the security personnel within and act as a human shield for terrorist groups - and does so with a fake identity and passport - isn't that a major crime?
What a coup for this anarchist, that he could even end the advancement and career of an IDF Lieutenant Colonel, denying him promotion and position in the IDF!  Why, he can go back to Denmark and train other ISM activists and anarchists to spend their summer vacations doing the same thing in the Holy Land. Maybe Mark Regev can do public service announcements for him.

As this information emerges we have to ask ourselves, “When is the Israeli government going to reinstate Lieutenant Colonel Eisner and drop charges and penalties against him? And when is Anders-whoever-he–is going to be arrested, jailed and deported for good from Israel?”

The Danish ambassador also owes the People of Israel and our diplomatic corps, as well as Lieutenant Colonel Eisner, an apology, as do the Israeli Prime Minister,, the Defense Minister and the IDF brass.

Meanwhile, we can all hear the crickets chirping in the background…