Jews, Get Out of Europe!
Jews, Get Out of Europe!

While the American Jewish intelligentsia discusses the legitimacy of an Israeli strike on Iran, European anti-Semitism raises its head, leaving on the ground three Jewish children and a rabbi in Toulouse.

During the Holocaust, Jews were dispatched to the gas chambers (in France the local police did the “dirty work”).

Seventy years later, in a modern, democratic Europe that presumably had shed itself of the legacy of that era, Jews have again come under attack.

Witnesses of the Toulouse killing spree in the Jewish school tell of students hunted by the terrorist inside the building.

The same thing happened forty years ago in Maalot, when Arab terrorists killed twenty Israeli students in a local school.

A year ago, in Toulouse, which was under the pro-Nazi Vichy regime, the words “Israel Nazi” and “Zionist Nazis” appeared again on the Jewish structures.

The terrorist aimed to slay Jews, only because they were Jews.

The school had absolutely nothing to do with “the occupation”, but has everything to do with the Jewish question.

The attack  resembles most that of  Itamar, when a year ago father, mother and three children were slaughtered in their beds by an Arab commando.

The attack in Toulouse is the culmination of a long anti-Semitic campaign. Two weeks ago, Paris’ Interior Ministry released the statistics of the anti-Jewish wave: 389 anti-Semitic attacks - only - in 2011, at least one every day.

In 2006 Ilan Halimi was kidnapped in Paris by a group of young Muslims. He was tortured for four weeks while they read him pages of the Koran, and then thrown into a landfill to die, covered with mortal wounds.

France is not an isolated case. Anti-Semitism in Western Europe is “the worst since World War II”, according to the Jewish Agency. It will only worsen in the future.

Books such as Mein Kampf and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are prominently displayed bestsellers in Muslim stores on Edgware Road in the heart of London.

In Sweden, a country described by The Guardian as “the greatest success the world has known,” Jews are leaving large cities such as Malmö due to security reasons, in order to escape anti-Semitic attacks.

The Netherlands, which was once the shelter for the Spanish and Portuguese Jews who fled the 15th century Inquisition, is now a realm of fear, intimidation and subjugation.

Jews are fleeing Antwerp, the city once proudly called “the Northern Jerusalem”. 

Jewish life in France and Europe is not under question, it’s already history.
Maalot, Itamar and Toulouse… Always the same target: the Jewish people and the State of Israel, which the late French ambassador Daniel Bernard called “ce petit pays de merde” - that shitty little country.

Jewish life in France and Europe is not under question, it’s already history. For as comfortable as life might be in the arrondissements of Paris, it is time for the Jews of France to come home.

Before it’s too late, they should leave for Israel. The situation will only worsen. 

Anti-Semitism is an eruption of barbarism in our civilization and the Jews have always been a barometer of tolerance. Europe is living its new nightmare and classical anti-Semitism has become a potent and dangerous mix in countries with enormous Muslim populations.

We will not be surprised if one day, under the Eurabian banner, these new Europeans will try to expel the descendants of the Holocaust from the land of Israel.

This second Shoah will be called “Peace and Justice for Palestine”.