Vital, undisputed intelligence have been pointing to the sorry reality that Iran is merely two-months away from having assembled a nuclear bomb.

US presidential elections are only seven months away. If Iran is left unchallenged and becomes a nuclear power, Obama and the Democrats will go down in history as the great cowards who let it come to pass. The Republicans will make sure of that before winning the race to the White House.

Not to worry. Obama is motivated and so is his team. The Israeli government is also ready.

So - Let’s go!

The Iranians have amassed most of their air defenses all around their nuclear installations. Their early warning systems have also been geared toward alarming in the event of an approaching attack on these sites. Hizbullah and Hamas are on standby mode. Just in case, they would retaliate with a non-stop missile barrage on all major Israeli cities, including Jerusalem. So what if some Palestinian Arabs become martyrs? It’s good for morale.

The buzz is in the air since the US has moved one more aircraft carrier into the Persian Gulf. The price of oil has skyrocketed already. Russia and the rest of the oil exporting countries are laughing their way to the banks.

Day 1:

It’s D-Day. A pre-dawn coordinated attack by US and Israeli forces has just been launched. But wait... Iranian nuclear sites are left untouched. Where are they hitting?

The reports are sneaking back in to Jerusalem and to the Pentagon. The Iranian navy has been sunk; the Iranian long range missiles have been destroyed on the ground; the Iranian air force and airfields have been damaged beyond repair. The mullahs and their Revolutionary Guards have lost their ability to retaliate. The straits of Hormuz will remain open to oil traffic; however, no container ships are ready to set sail as of yet.

In midday, Hizbullah and Hamas launch rocket attacks on Israeli cities, and the Israeli air force is busy taking them out; Lebanon’s infrastructure is already devastated. Both Hizbullah and Hamas are crying foul; they want the Israelis to stop while they keep carrying their rocket attacks. Israeli reserves are called in. They are amassed along the Lebanon border, the Golan Heights and along the Gaza border with Israel.

It’s still quiet along the Israeli-Syrian border, but it could turn ugly at any moment.

Day 2:

It’s leadership day. Iranian command and control, Revolutionary Guards headquarters and training camps including major outposts, as well as top political and military leadership—are all targeted. It’s a slow but crucial day. On the Israeli front, rocket fire continues; Israeli air and ground forces continue their push; Israeli citizens in shelters are suffering, but the attacking Arabs are the ones calling for the UN and Russia to intervene.

Day 3:

Finally, Iranian nuclear sites are in the crosshair of US command. Iranian air defenses in and around these sites are being disabled by American stealth bombers and cruise missiles. At the same time, bunker buster bombs are hitting the underground nuclear facilities. Massive explosions can be heard many miles away.

The Israeli air force is on the go over Lebanon and Gaza. Israeli tanks and armored vehicles cross into both territories. Tel Aviv, Haifa and the rest of Israel are under rocket attacks, but no missiles are getting out from Iran itself.

Missiles, air and ground war keep going. Gaza is surrounded and is under siege. The Hamas leadership is nowhere to be seen. Hizbullah has been successful in launching a single long range missile that was intercepted in midair. Hizbullah bases in Southern Lebanon have been run over by Israeli military.

Day 4:

Iranians are crowding the streets in Teheran. The Iranian Spring is on its way. Rocket fire from Gaza has been diminishing considerably. Egypt intervenes diplomatically, trying to arrange for a cease fire. The Gaza strip is cut in half and the Southern Philadelphia corridor has been taken over by the Israeli military. The Israeli Military has been seen in the outskirts of Gaza. Rocket fire from Lebanon is still significant.

Day 5:

Russia has been quiet all throughout the campaign. It has enjoyed the resulted high price of oil, then why hurry? However, the end is near, and Iran will survive. Russia needs this weighty trade partner. Time has come for some blaring rhetoric.

The UN has been working hard to impose a cease fire between Israel and Hizbullah. Efforts are underway and it looks like a day or two before final signatures.

Day 6:

It’s relatively quiet along the Israeli borders. A cease fire has been arranged between all warring parties in Israel’s vicinity.

Iran is embroiled in a full scale uprising. It looks and sounds like a civil war. The nuclear cloud has been whited out; the Revolutionary Guards have been demoralized; the Iranian nation has been trying to reap the fruits of freedom, taking it away from the dictatorship of the religious militants.

Day 7:

The sun still rises in the East. It’s a new spring day. Life will be beautiful one day soon.