Japanese Morality
Japanese Morality

Re: Japanese ambassador to Jordan signs agreement with UNRWA, says donation to be utilized for purchase of urgently-needed staple foods.(For details on UNRWA site, click here.

  (I hope the people of Japan are gradually recovering from the devastating effects of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, made easier, I’m sure, with the help they received from the compassionate and generous - not the least of which were the Israeli and Jewish aid groups that came to their rescue almost immediately, despite great expense and distance. 

ZAKA, the Israeli group of First Responders and Search and Rescue, was among the earliest to reach the Island nation. IsraAID-FIRST and ZAKA’s 1500+ volunteers are usually first at the scene to help all nations in emergency situations, along with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee that collected sorely needed funds. 

Because the Qur’an prohibits Muslim groups from giving charity to non-Muslims, I wondered why Japan chose to donate $7.7 million to Palestinians, rather than consider replenishing Israel’s coffers for the sake of “paying it forward” – to ensure that Israel might have sufficient funds and supplies to continue reaching out to nations in peril. 

The Japanese Embassy in Israel should be aware that the blockade prevents weapons from reaching the combatants; the Palestinians receive an inordinate amount of humanitarian aid by land (more than any other country).  Their shelves are stocked to brimming, and the Palestinians have earned the title of #8 in overweight population! 

In fact, the Global Humanitarian Report (p.112) specifies that the Palestinia­ns receive more aid Per Capita than anyone else on Planet Earth – even more aid than the Marshall Plan for a totally destroyed Europe after WWII More importantly, if the funds are not stolen, then their leaders use it for their non-stop destructive policy of Destroy Israel First and take care of Palestinians Last. 

After 63 years of attempted destruction and the refusal to recognize Israel’s existence, the Palestinians and their Arab brethren should be held accountable for keeping these people in refugee camps, in economic dependence.

Israel incurs huge expenses when she reaches out to to help others in need, such as after the devastating earthquakes of Haiti, India, and Turkey; the destruction and human toll from severe storms in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Philippines, Nicaragua, Myanmar, and the Philippines; the Tsunamis of Sri Lanka and Indonesia; Albania’s flood, Greece’s conflagrations of 2007, not to mention Macedonia’s two major fires; missions for Mauritania’s severe medical needs, Nigeria’s suffering from the bird flu, and human suffering in the Congo, and more… 

Israel also has huge economic losses as a result of Palestinians’ constant state of war, including damage and replacement of homes and caring for the hundreds of thousands who were displaced from their residences, factories closed and businesses lost, aid and emergency services, billions in compensation to the population, destruction to forests and farm land. 

Add to this, the human toll of crippled and dead, the broken families, and more than a million living in bomb shelters during some seiges, and Japan chooses to send aid to those who bomb and kill the ones who helped Japan! Walter Winchell, famous journalist of the 40s-60s, said, “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”  Japan walks out on the friend who jumps in.

Despite their own extreme expenses, American Jews and Israel volunteered finances and humanitarian assistance to help the Japanese during their time of desperation, yet Japan thought it prudent to fund Israel’s enemies. 

Now we ask if, in the interest of balance, Japan will be sending $7.7 million to the terrorists who also attacked Sudan, Algeria, Pakistan, Russia, Chechnya, the Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, England, Thailand, Spain, Egypt, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Ingushetia, Dagestan, Turkey, Morocco, Yemen, Lebanon, France, Uzbekistan, Tunisia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Mauritania, Kenya, Eritrea, Syria,  Somalia, Kuwait, Virginia, Ethiopia, Iran, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Chad, Tanzania, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, East Timor, Tajikistan, Netherlands, Scotland, Nepal, Maldives, Argentina, Mali, Angola, Ukraine, Sweden, and the following cities in the United States: New York, California, Louisiana, Texas, Maryland, Pennsylvania – for their 17,649 jihad attacks since 9/11/01.

One must wonder if Japan still honors and respects the spirit of those who would sacrifice their own lives to demoralize their enemy. 

The kamikaze warrior and the suicide bomber seem to be formed from the same mold, both putting honor and allegiance to a belief over respect for the dignity of life. 

I can’t help but be reminded of an old adage that explains when a friend or supporter repays kindness with a wrong, “…biting the hand that feeds/helps you.”