The Tel Aviv Journalist Who Panned Glenn Beck
The Tel Aviv Journalist Who Panned Glenn Beck

There are always people who seem to take pleasure in destroying others, casting doubt on their character, instigating distrust on their motives, and maligning their aspirations.  This appears to be the case with Noam Sheizaf, journalist who seems to be in search of a disparaging article to promote his own agenda.

Sheizaf's article on Glenn Beck, appeared in the Daily Forward.

Who is Sheizaf? His columns appear on +972 Magazine, and contain accusations against Israel made by Sheizaf and other writers (Chiam Levinon, Jim Lyons, Gerard Norton), reproduced by “Kim” on Occupied Palestine when the condemnation suits the site’s purpose (although Sheizaf’s permission may not have been given formally, he did not ask to have his comments removed), also on the PromisedLand blog.  He disputes support for Israel by ZOA’s Mort Klein, StandWithUs, and Washington’s Jennifer Rubin.  He speaks on behalf of BDS and disparages Israel’s every action to protect her sovereignty, integrity, democracy, and her citizens. is the link that reports of Sheizaf’s speaking engagement at the University of Pennsylvania, “Israeli ‘Courage to Refuse’. This 8th generation Israeli was jailed for refusing to serve as required.  For an interview  see:

Despite my being a latecomer to Glenn Beck’s programming, I listened attentively to grasp his purpose.  Not only did he sincerely delve into the Holocaust, reading Holocaust literature and studying the root causes of ideologies of hate, he had the strength of character to visit concentration camps, displaying more compassion for the victims and survivors than Sheizaf ever could. 

Beck also interviewed one of the most infamous of characters to come out of the era, George Soros, and videotaped Soros’s admission that, at this age, he had no regrets about his deeds as a 14-year-old. Soros looked back at those years as being among the happiest of his life, adding defiantly that he never donates any of his billions to a Jewish or Israeli cause. 

It was to this most egregious confession that a document of attack against Beck was signed and submitted by 400 rabbis of the Union of Reform Judaism – although the two rabbis I contacted declared that they had not seen or signed it, but neither did they rebuke it.    

Sheizaf has the audacity to blame the victim when he cites that Fox News fired Glenn Beck.  Not once does he offer the suggestions that the anti-Semitic Soros (who works to convert our democracies into a socialistic One World Order) and the Left (advertisers who threatened to discontinue support of any pro-Israel programming) were the force behind the firing.   

Shame on Sheizaf for such lies and deviations from ethics in journalism; Beck was always passionately referencing our Constitution, our Founding Fathers, Thomas Paine, The Federalist papers and our democratic traditions!

Yes, Jews have been among the most liberal in America, as Sheizaf insists, and they are also slow to understand that multiculturalism must not supercede our Constitutional imperative – putting class, religion, race, or creed above our allegiance to protecting all people’s inalienable rights.  As Jews have had to live in the Diaspora for thousands of years, they developed a protective nature of blending in with the host population, accepting and tolerant. 

However, just as Europe is awakening to the changes in their cultures, the time has come for Jews to realize that must never tolerate tyranny or hatred against them.  This kind of tolerance amounts to nothing more than cultural suicide, yet it is particularly difficult for Jews to recognize that they are supporting such an endeavor. 

Beck is providing a sense of pride and support for Israelis in a sea of hate that emanates from 57 Islamic countries, from Europe, and from the likes of Sheizaf, a self-hating Jew.  The Sheizaf opinions are a true danger to the Jewish people, as turncoats who do not stand by Israel, and who insidiously seek to sway the Jewish people to a political solution that will ultimately lead to their destruction.    

Beck’s purpose in Israel, particularly at this time, is to counter the UN’s World Conference against Racism, whose blatant anti-Semitism is being boycotted by the US, Canada, and many European countries. 

Beck recently electrified crowds by declaring that if the world hunts Jews again, “Count me as one, and count me first.” 

Beck’s rally is truly moral, so we have to examine what leads to Sheizaf’s mindset.  To some, the history of the Jewish people formed a sense of shame and self-loathing, as this journalist and others cannot cope with their experiences over the centuries.  Instead of taking pride in their amazing achievements in medicine, science, and other technological advances by the new nation, surpassing older cultures’ contributions to humanity, he immerses himself in the shame of their suffering. 

Rather than seek to convert to another religion, Sheizaf maintains his own form of Jewish identity, but seems to want to destroy every remnant of the Jews and their homeland. 

The proof is evident because this journalist has come out against Israel and in support of her enemies, and seeks ways to denigrate those who do – such as Glenn Beck.  He writes to disparage Beck’s visit, and speculates that Ariel Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount is the cause of all ensuing terrorist attacks. 

In a free society, people do visit the places of worship of others, learning from their experiences.  In Islamic ideology, every visit and non-visit is provocation for an attack.  The Fogel family was home, sleeping, and they were attacked and killed.

Sheizaf has designed a demonic scenario, one that defies sanity, with gall that even challenges the Zionist Organization of America!  History has shown that Israel and the Jewish people have stood largely alone in the face of danger, and is sincerely grateful for the support shown by these noble Christians – Glenn Beck, CUFI’s Pastor Hagee, Mike Evans, and others who have stood out from the masses, realizing it was time to join the righteous and rise above their history. 

May there come a day when the Noam Sheizafs and Noam Chomskys will have no further influence in this world, and journalism once again becomes a noble profession that presents news honorably, honestly and accurately, and which requires that facts accompany opinions.