Open Letter to Barack Obama
Open Letter to Barack Obama

His Excellency

The President of the United States of America Mr. Barack H. Obama

The White House

Washington, D.C.


Dear Mr. President,

Re: The American Legal Obligation to Safeguard the Legal Rights of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel

With your kind permission we turn to you in connection with your legal obligation to protect the rights of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel, also known as the Holy Land, as enshrined in international law.

We have been hearing of late of the constant pressure being applied to the Prime Minister of the State of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, by your Administration, to accept your political plan for peace between the State of Israel and the Arabs living in the Holy Land, a plan known widely as “two states for two peoples”; furthermore, it is reported that this pressure includes indirect hints and direct threats with regard with what may happen to the State of Israel, should Mr. Netanyahu refuse to accept your plan based on the principle of return to what are termed “the 1967 borders” and to carry out at the same time a mutual exchange of territory – known as “swaps” – to be agreed upon.

The principal and most immediate threat is said to be that the U.S. will refrain from using its power of veto when the expected recommendation of the UN General Assembly – to unilaterally  recognize a “Palestinian state” – is laid before the Security Council.

These pressures appear to bear the nature of an ultimatum, and in this regard it is our duty to point out with all due respect that ultimatums are potentially two-edged swords.

 In the meantime we merely suggest that you desist from your chosen but very much mistaken path along which you are misleading yourself and your country, as well as all the nation-members of the UN, regarding the fundamental legal and historical facts of the rights of the Jewish People under international law, as if the word of the Almighty and His promise to the Nation of Israel as encapsulated in the Bible were in themselves insufficient and needed the agreement of the nations of the world under international law.

But precisely this is the point, Mr. President: the relevant documents of international law recognize the right of the Jewish People to sovereignty over all of the Land of Israel. For this reason we enclose herewith a copy of the letter recently signed by the chairmen of local and regional councils in Judea and Samaria living as free citizens in their homeland, and then sent to the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

In this letter the aforementioned officials detail explicitly the legal basis of Jewish rights over the Land of Israel by means of a legal document herewith enclosed, authored by Attorney Howard Grief, expert in international law pertaining to the Holy Land. In the wake of this letter, the chairman of the Council of Jewish Settlements in Judea and Samaria composed, at the advice of many additional jurists, a similar letter also sent to the UN Secretary-General.

The same basic message was conveyed directly to you, Mr. President, by the Prime Minister of the State of Israel, who stated clearly in his public speeches that we are not a conquering power in our own homeland.

Since you, Mr. President, are the leading trustee of democratic rights today, we are honored to remind you that the desire of the sovereign Jewish People in the Land of Israel is to repossess the Land of Israel in its entirety as a Jewish State for the benefit of the Jewish People, under its internationally recognized legal rights which as of 1925 are part of the supreme law of the United States of America.

We feel obliged to mention that if you hearken to the words of this letter and to its spirit, you will be able to contribute substantially to the peace throughout the Arab and Muslim world in the Middle East and in Africa, and thus make amends for the damage caused to the U.S.A. and to the entire world by the implementation of your policies until now, such as the turning of a cold shoulder to ex-President Mubarak of Egypt in his hour of need and the brutal threatening of Israel, the constant ally of the U.S.A, as repeatedly stressed by the Presidents of the U.S.A. and their Administrations.

The step you took regarding Egypt is what plunged the entire region into chaos, just like the hasty invasion of Libya without obeying American laws requiring the prior approval of Congress and not invading Syria, while the Syrian regime oppresses its own citizens because of your decision to stand by and not lift a finger to put a stop to this wholesale murder of civilians.

In a similar light we view the bloody American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, while America refuses to attack Iran and put an end to an anti-democratic despotism that threatens to destroy another nation-member of the UN.

Mr. President, you have an opportunity to maintain the law and rectify the wrongdoing of the British ever since 1922 when that nation decided not to comply with the obligations it had undertaken under the resolution adopted at the 1920 San Remo Peace Conference and expounded under the Mandate for Palestine, documents of international law that designated all of the Holy Land as the National Home of the Jewish People.

By correcting the injustice stemming from the historical British wrongs, you may succeed in preventing the terrible Middle East conflict that threatens to engulf the entire world.

 The bottom line, Mr. President, is that if you continue with your present policies, you will plunge the world into devastating turmoil, but not prevent the fulfillment of the eternal covenant the Almighty concluded with our forefathers under which our Land will extend from the banks of the mighty Euphrates to those of the Nile, our rebuilt Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem will serve as a House of Prayer for all the Nations, who will have beaten their swords into plowshares and their javelins into pruning-hooks, and peace will reign throughout the world.

In hope of an imminent policy change and a shared striving for world peace, we remain sincerely 

Truly peace-loving Jews, faithful to their God and to their Land