How to Defeat the Retreat
How to Defeat the Retreat

1. The Israel Government Retreat Plan remains a threat to all of Israel, and not only to the people of Judea/Samaria.  The proximity of Judea and Samaria to the rest of the land and population of Israel has been lost on most people, even in Israel. Before, during and after the Katif expulsions, very few people in Israel had any idea where Katif was. 

2. . Tragically, throughout the Oslo Process, The Yesha Council  has given consistent  credence to the notion  that theIsrael Government Retreat Planwill affect Judea and Samaria exclusively

3.  Supporters of Israel Government Retreat Plan  position themselves as if they represent “the majority of the people of Israel” and  describe  themselves as  “the majority lobby”, with the best interest of the country at  heart, while the opposition declares that their concern is focused on  Judea and Samaria- where less than 5% of the Jewish population in Israel resides. 

4.  The opposition to the Israel Government Retreat Plan continues to rely  on the sentiments of the people of Israel for Judea and Samaria, thereby providing no basis to galvanize support for a national movement. This also arises from self-centeredness of the people of Judea/ Samaria  and their seeming lack of interest in Ramat Aviv, Haifa, Sderot, Afula, Eilat, Shenkin, etc.

5. An issue hardly emphasized is that,  as a result of the Katif withdrawal,  the Sderot and Western Negev region became the only place in the Western world where rockets and missiles are fired at their citizens on almost a daily basis, and that these attacks are largely launched by  terrorists militias who use the lands of  abandoned “settlements” as a convenient launching staging grounds for attacks from Gaza. Those who have suffered from attacks in the Western Negev should be placed front and center in all rallies against Israel Government Retreat Plan .  

6. Another  issue hardly mentioned is that no nation in the world will justify Israel returning firing  at the areas from which Israel withdraws.  That is precisely what a two-state solution means - giving Israel's enemies a convenient base from where they can terrorize all of  Israel's civilian population, in defiance of international law, while the masters of international  law will sanction those terror launching pads – i.e., Goldstone.

7.  The primary concerns of Israeli public opinion in Israel  is the booming economy of the country.  People are therefore more concerned about the efficiency and safety of Israel’s only international airport – and no one emphasizes that the Israel Government Retreat Plan would place the armed Palestinian entity within “Sderot distance” of that lifeline of Israel’s economy.   To demonstrate the danger of a Palestinian state to the strategic location of  Israel’s only international airport, it is  imperative to  hire security experts to run security tours in the hills contiguous to Ben Gurion Airport, to demonstrate the  inherent dangers of the Israel Government Retreat Plan that to all air traffic that traverses Israeli air space.  These trips would  mobilize the economic elite of Israel around one theme:

Palestinian state = No Ben Gurion airport =No Israeli economy.

8..Meanwhile.  it is vital to educate the Israeli public concerning the inherent threat of the Israel Government Retreat Plan to all  Jewish communities INSIDE the green line. 

9. The time has come to launch a campaign to educate the public concerning that threat of the Israel Government Retreat Plan PLO to all of the people of Israel, and to expose the continuing PLO commitment to the armed struggle, the dedication of the PLO to the “right of return”, the PLO definition of almost every Jewish community in Israel as “occupied”/conquered territory. Mass distribution of the Palestinian Authority maps which eradicate the state of Israel remains a must, to show that any Israel Government Retreat Plan will never be enough for the PLO.

10. Last and not least, the time has to confront the theological delusions and denial which pervades in some of the “national camp” in Israel. The time has come to pread the idea that God will not intervene to prevent further destruction of Jewish communities. God has already blessed the people of Israel in the land of Israel  However, there is no Deus Ex Machina.  The Almighty. will not intervene to stop the Israel Government Retreat Plan and prevent  the formation of a terror state in the land of Israel. That is for the people of Israel to take care of. The task ahead is to mobilize  the movers and shakers of public opinion of the people of Israel to stop the Israel Government Retreat Plan, and not to rely on miracles.