Time to Topple Netanyahu
Time to Topple Netanyahu

Time has come to topple Netanyahu and install a leader not afraid to champion Israel’s interests and fulfil his basic duty of Bibi should have to fear the National Camp more than the Left, he must fear the Jews more than the Arabs.
defending the country.

Benjamin“Bibi” Netanyahu as leader of the Likud and thus the rightist “national camp” has in practice been leading one of the most leftist governments in Israel’s history and time has come for his camp to admit this and work for his speedy retirement.
Let us consider his actions over the past two years to get an accurate picture of the process of decline that has led the leader of the Right to be the champion for the leftist defeatists in Israel today.

Before the February 10, 2009 elections Netanyahu managed to reduce the Likud from a consistent lead in the polls (of 33-35 Knesset seats) to a low of 27, one less than Kadima. This was due to his fear of challenging Kadima and calling it a far left party and his disgraceful machinations against the nationalists within his own party. Bibi was hungry for power and more than willing to share this with Kadima  and thus didn’t challenge its poor record in office. It would have been easy to highlight its failures in the two wars which it both started and lost (without any planning or strategic considerations) and allowed the myth of Kadima and its third-class leader to remain immune from the ridicule and scrutiny she rightly deserved.

This meant that although the National Camp won a large majority (65 seats compared to 44 for the Left and 11 for the Arab parties) he had effectively reduced the power of the Right and given Kadima (which in truth is an extreme-left party as evidenced by Olmert’s own revelations today that he was willing to surrender Jerusalem and allow the inward migration of tens of thousands of hostile Arabs into “Israel proper”) the status of the leading opposition party. Bibi’s cowardly silence allowed Kadima to falsely position itself as a centrist party with the aid of its friends in Israel’s leftist media circles.

On the 14 June 2009, shortly after forming his government, Netanyahu spoke to the world in what has notoriously became known as his Bar-Ilan speech. Here the prime minister accepted the PLO charter and tore up the platform of the Likud and the entire camp he nominally leads. He accepted the fallacy of a “Palestinian people”- even though this Arab propaganda lie was created and still remains in place to delegitimize Israel and to create a 23rd Arab state in place of her. He accepted the lie and stated his intention to build a 23rd Arab state in the heart of the Land of Israel. He then tried to placate his supporters by saying such an entity will be “de-militarised” as if he would be able to dictate the national affairs of a separate sovereign country once created.

Netanyahu betrayed the wishes of the voters who voted overwhelmingly for the National camp by bringing the Left, and by that one refers to the Labour party and its failed leader Ehud Barak in particular, into the government. By bringing Labour into government he strengthened its hand (the party fell to the historic low of 13 seats) and stopped its long- needed decline. One can only draw comparison with Rabin who, after Gulf War One (during which Arafat had supported Saddam and was the subject of general international opprobrium), revived the PLO and brought its terrorist leadership from Tunis back to the shores of Erets Yisrael . As prime minister in 1993 Rabin reinvigorated Arafat and his gang and elevated them to the status of international statesman no less. Bibi- brought back Barak, a man discredited in part because of his complete surrender to the same Arafat at Camp David in 2000 and also because of his surrender to Hizbullah of the southern security zone in Lebanon, to the fore of Israeli politics.

By making him Defence minister- arguably the second most powerful job in the entire Middle East- Barak was now to be sold as an acceptable leader to the Israeli people. Barak who caused the Oslo war (or second “intifada” as our enemies call it), who created the terror state in southern Lebanon and who failed to stop the development of a second one in Gaza is the same person who was also willing to divide Jerusalem with PLO terrorists. That this man was now charged with defending the country is an act  of recklessness that cannot be easily underestimated, for the damage Barak has done will no doubt pale in comparison with the legacy of his inept and weak leadership- let us not forget this serial failure is now charged with dealing with the Iranian threat.

But Barak is not to blame, for his party secured little more than 10 percent of the vote and only half of his small party actually supports him in the Knesset (the rest being termed “rebels” by the Hebrew media). Bibi bears full responsibility as the prime minister and it seems he preferred to disproportionately give Labour 5 ministries and bestow Barak with power and privilege rather than give half a ministry to the National Union party and those loyal to the land of Israel.

The Flotilla incident, whereby Turkish terrorists seeking to send aid to Hamas, were allowed to beat Israeli commandoes armed with paintball guns, serves both as a mark of shame and a lesson to the follies in the lack of strategic leadership in Israel today. Firstly, it was known for weeks before that the IHH organisation and its supporters on the ships were hostile extremists and yet it was not considered that these people would be armed. Barak also felt it acceptable to risk his soldiers’ lives by arming them with paintball guns rather than draw negative international media fire. Of course the International media pilloried Israel anyway, and the Turks and their fundamentalist prime minister, instead of being shamed for their act of aggression continue to play victim.

Bibi allowed Barak to act, Bibi was in charge and the excuse that he was abroad at the time of the incident only makes things worse for him. The aftermath of the incident is even more shocking if not so well-reported in the international media. For instead of putting these terrorists who beat our soldiers with clubs and knives on trial- Israel promptly released them and sent them home to Turkey to receive a hero’s welcome from Erdogan and his AKP party thugs. Israel then released the ships including the Mavi Marmara itself without charge. A self respecting government would have kept the ships until the Turks paid compensation for the damage caused and covered the huge overheads incurred in the commando operation. At a minimum the cargo- intended for our Arab enemies in Gaza should have been sold and the proceeds given to the citizens of Sderot and Ashkelon who face daily rocket fire from the Gazans. Yet instead Israel transported by land this “aid” to Gaza at its own cost and of course with no mention in the international media and with the obvious instilment of further disgust in Arab eyes at the weakness of the state. It also put paid to the line that those on the ships were terrorists- for if this is the case why were they summarily released without trial?

In December 2009 Bibi acceded to American pressure on Israel by issuing an anti-Semitic edict forbidding Jews to build in parts of the Land of Israel for 10 months. This act goes against the very foundations of the Likud and his camp whose goal is to build the land of Israel and for Jews to settle every part of their ancestral home. A premier who forbids Jewish construction in the land of Israel is no Zionist and certainly no revisionist thinker, including Bibi’s own father, the respected historian and student of Jabotinsky himself, could not deny this as being anything but a betrayal. The edict contradicts international law itself- going against the League of Nations mandate of 1922 that sets aside the entire land for a Jewish national home.

Indeed no leader of the Left, not even Rabin himself, had gone so far in accepting the PLO narrative and preventing natural Jewish growth within its homeland.

The building freeze is now set to end, yet it is clear that the Hussein Obama and his administration will seek to extend this .The Arabs have done nothing in the meantime- save for their usual piracy and murder on Israel’s highways – to merit such a concession. And yet Bibi will most likely concede- for he has no backbone, for he is afraid of America and the Left and everyone except his supporters and it is this that must change. 

Bibi should have to fear the National Camp more than the Left, he must fear the Jews more than the Arabs and this can be only achieved by directly challenging his leadership both from within his party and the coalition. All the parties within the National camp- including the Likud should seek a new leader (Avigdor Lieberman or Moshe Yaalon would be the best at this moment in time) and should act now to stop the impending dangers that continued weakness and surrender entail. The Right must force Labour out of the coalition- or at least the resignation of Barak and should ask Bibi to step aside or face no confidence motions.