Carter "Apology": Reaction II
Carter "Apology": Reaction II

Ex-President Jimmy Carter has recently asked Jews for forgiveness.

Carter claims that the fact that his grandson is now running for office in their home state of Georgia has nothing to do with his apology. He states that Jews only make up 2% of the county where his grandson lives--about the same percent that Jews make up in the nation at large--and so uses this as further evidence of the integrity of his intentions.


I voted for Carter in the '70s. I liked his approach to environmental concerns.  I  came to regret my decision.I'll never forget watching the Democrat National Convention on television and seeing Carter

Carter has received millions of dollars from Arabs for his help in demonizing Israel and Jews.

chasing after his producer comrade, Michael "Israel is one of the three top evils in the world" Moore.

Like other Gentile politicos, Carter has received millions of  dollars from Arabs for his help in demonizing Israel and Jews.

Well, I have a way Jimmy can put this all to rest...sort of.

Since he is a man of the world whose books do indeed reach millions and influence world opinion, I have a new assignment for him.

After all, for decades now, if Israel took one too many breaths, he was there to investigate, criticize, and dissect it under the high power lens of moral scrutiny. Most often, his critiques were given little or no context whatsoever. Jewish victims were constantly blamed themselves when issues such as blown buses, checkpoints, the security barrier, and such were discussed. Arabs were given a virtual free pass.

While indulging in such hypocrisy, Carter acted deaf, dumb, and blind regarding what was happening in the region surrounding the nation of the Jews.

Jimmy, your first task is to travel to re-visit your friend, Bashar al-Assad, the butcher of Damascus and author of the "Hama Solution's" son, in Syria.

Since you worry so much about Arab rights and conditions--you must now, at long last,

Arabs were given a virtual free pass.

demand that "Arab" Syria stop murdering and subjugating its millions of Kurds. The latter are not even allowed to speak their own language, have been forcibly Arabized for decades--yet I don't recall a peep about their plight ever being uttered from your lips. Only America's toppling of Saddam changed things for the better for "Arab" Iraq's millions of Kurds. No concern from you over their brethren in the Turkish and Iranian portions of Kurdistan either...some thirty five million perpetually used and abused stateless people. Why hasn't their plight caught your attention?

The second part of your assignment will take you to "Arab" North Africa.

Since you are allegedly so concerned about human rights, you will finally have to break your troubling silence about the plight of another truly stateless people (Arabs have almost two dozen states; "Palestinians"--no matter how you define them--are Arabs), the thirty million or so Imazhigen/Berbers, who predate their Arab conquerors by millennia and who, like the Kurds, have had their own language and culture outlawed by Arabs and who have been murdered if they have resisted.

Your next assignment has you moving just a bit south and east into the Sudan.

While Darfur in the west has been making the news of late, the forced Arabization of the south by the north has been going on for centuries and exploded once again in the '60s.

Where have you been while this Arab enslavement, genocide, and such against black Africans (not only in the Sudan) has been going on? And, unlike the most of the south, the blacks in Darfur are also, this goes beyond a religious jihad and truly involves Arab racism, pure and simple. Many quotes from black victims have testified to this.

All of these things are happening in the here and now. Why the silence? Where’s your book?   

So, here's the deal, Mr. Carter...

Write your book and articles, give your speeches and take Arabs to task for the crimes they have committed against everyone else in the region --real crimes, not measures Israel has been forced to take to survive Arab slaughter—and maybe we will take you seriously.