The October Revolution, which gave rise to the Soviet empire, took place in November 1917, the date of the Balfour Declaration that gave rise to the Jewish State. We used to take pride in the fact that while that revolution passed from the world, ours is flourishing. Really?

Jews in Israel have not abandoned the Zionist mission.

The lies of Communism in the Soviet Union were exposed even before it physically collapsed. In place of the "classless society", there arose an elite and protected class, the Nomenklatura - members of the Party and the establishment. They were able to buy foreign products in special stores, the best doctors cared for their health, and they spent the summer in beautiful dachas.

Communism declared, "You have nothing to lose but your shackles" - and sent tens of millions to Siberia. The Czar's regime was replaced by Red Terror.

The system collapsed under the weight of its inherent contradictions.

Zionism, in contrast, appears to be a success story: it founded a state in the promised land and ingathers the Jews of the Diaspora. Until that same state came and pulled the land out from under them - expelling them from it, handing it over to foreigners. And again we have a contradiction and an absurdity. Practice contradicts theory; the revolution consumes its sons. The bankruptcy appears final, as even the Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu violate the trust placed in them and paralysis takes hold of the entire Zionist body - not just its left-wing faction.

A State of Jews, Herzl envisioned, not a State of Israelis. The Balfour Declaration promised a national home in the Land of Israel for Jewish People, not for the Israeli People. The Mandate directed the British to encourage immigration and settlement because, "recognition has thereby been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country."

An Israeli government that freezes Jewish construction in order to transplant the heart of the land of the Jews in the body of a foreign nation is misappropriating the deposit it was entrusted with in the name and on behalf of the Jewish People; even if it seems to that government that, in so doing, it is serving an "Israeli" interest. In this way, it is like the high-level Soviets who used their power to advance interests that were far from the original goal.

If so, is it possible that those two November offspring have similar fates - to end up in the trash heap of history?

The answer will be provided by the people - that same people that, when polled, for the most part defines itself as Jewish before Israeli - and by the voters who, in voting for the Right, expressed their loyalty to the Jewish depositor and who are now discovering that they were defrauded.

The Soviet Union disappeared because its peoples no longer believed in Marx and Lenin. It had no Bolshevik "settlers". The entire thing collapsed, because a lie has no legs.

Is Zionism also collapsing? It is true that the Israeli elites have stretched out their hand against the Zionist deposit - and even with a microscope it is impossible to find a difference between the members of the cynical and "realistic" Troika of Peres, Barak and Netanyahu. But the masses of Jews in Israel have not abandoned the Zionist mission of the state, and they alone will determine if the fate of the Western Wall and the Machpela Cave will be the same as that of Lenin's Mausoleum.

The New Freemasons

The Freemasons have their roots in the Middle Ages and most of their symbols are borrowed from construction - a hammer, a chisel, a compass. We too need "free masons" now, but this time freely building for the sake of the Jewish People in the land of their inheritance, which the Israeli government seeks to steal from them.

That sort of construction may contradict laws, orders, commands and judgements of the government, but insofar as those regulations violate the unwritten

Build up Ariel and Yitzhar - and save Tel Aviv!

constitution of the Jewish State - which promises this land to this people, and only to this people - they must be deemed unenforceable.

Soviet Russia also had laws, some of which were anti-Zionist and anti-democratic, and Jews ignored them proudly. When the settlement freeze sentence is handed down, the public in Israel will also be called upon to be "free masons" - free of licenses, permits, orders and signatures, which in any case are never issued.

And so, Jews, build - and save Zionism! Build - and save the state!

Do not be angry at a government that institutes a freeze as a puppet of foreign powers - pity it. Its hands are tied, but your hands are free. American pressure has no effect on you, Obama does not frighten you.

Build up Ariel and Yitzhar - and save Tel Aviv as well!