I do not wish to refer to any of the investigations of the politicians who are seated in the government. I do not wish to refer to the heartbreaking situation of our missing in action, nor of our prisoners, nor the fact that this

It is the youth who are proving that they are steadfast.

government is again breaking its word with regard to Ron Arad. I do not wish to refer to the betrayal by the Israeli government of the people of Israel.

Instead, I wish to share with you something positive that is not to be taken for granted. I wish to share our determination to protect our Land. It is the youth who are proving that they are steadfast, despite the grim situation in Israel, to ensure a Jewish future here in our Land.

Last Monday night, we again returned to Shedma, located only a few minutes from Har Homa in Jerusalem. This was once an army base which was abandoned by the sightless government of Israel that does not appreciate what the Land means; nor does it appreciate the importance of a Jewish presence and, indeed, treats our Land as even less important than real estate.

The bus and private cars that made their way to Shedma were filled with about 100 men, women, children and youth determined to reestablish a Jewish presence and to clean up the graffiti that was left by the anarchists and Muslims who came after we left last time, which was just a few days prior. Instead of the sign,"The Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people" that we had painted on the buildings, we were met Monday evening with signs that said, "Hey Jude, you do not want trouble", or "Welcome to Bet Sahoor". Along with the determination of the visionary ladies who worked toward the success of the evening, Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katzover, came the buckets of whitewash (again) and spray cans of paint (again).

One of the highlights of the evening was the successful placement of the Israeli flag on top of one of the buildings, thanks to the determination of Ehud, one of the wonderful youth from Efrat.

Songs were sung by a very talented musician, Ari Ben Yam, and as it turned darker, following the words of wisdom by Rabbi Yaron Durani, a slim gentleman stood up to speak. This was Ezra Yachin, a freedom fighter for Israel who fought with LEHI commander "Yair", Avraham Stern, H.y.d., for the liberation of our nation from the oppressive occupation of the British. As he spoke, I looked around us to the beautiful mountains of Judea, the lights of the Arab villages nearby and so close to Jerusalem, the eternal capital of our nation.

After Ezra spoke, our youth - yes, our sons - stood proudly and sang loudly and clearly the song of Yair, "Anonymous Soldier". The song so clearly describes the silent, lonely soldiers of another time. This song

Without history there is no future.

describes a time when, like today, the general population refused to recognize the dangers, and pointed at and even betrayed those who fought in order to achieve the liberty of our people.

These youth - who were born and raised in communities, some of which date back to the Bible, in areas where our forefathers lived and fought - are willing to tirelessly return time and again in order to establish a foothold in these ancient mountains and secure them for our future. These, our sons and daughters, are unafraid of effort or of giving of themselves. These, our sons and daughters, volunteer to serve in the elite units, selflessly endanger themselves to stop terrorists and volunteer in various capacities to serve our people. These youth are well aware of the importance of a strong Jewish presence in our Land and are proud of who we are as a people.

These youth remember; and in this remembrance is the key to our future, because without history there is no future. Take a look at our future. Take a look at our youth and know that this is a promise for our future.