Abu Mazen says, "I am confident the crisis in the Middle East will be resolved by the end of 2008."

Abu, buddy, what Middle East crisis?

The "Palestinian people" are isolated and confined to three economically sterile enclaves,

In five years, tops, the "Palestinian people" are gone.

where they are devouring each other like animals. "Palestinian" children are not being educated. The "Palestinian government" has robbed, and still robs, the "treasury."

Yes, under-evolved animals fire rockets into Israel, but they do not hit much and they are being attacked and killed. There is no fuel, electricity, food, cash reserves or anything in "Palestinian land" that is not provided for or by Israel.

Syria's army is tasked not with the defense of Syria, but with the defense of its dictator. Syria is long on power shortages, corruption, poverty, hyperbole and rhetoric, and very short on being a threat to Israel or a "player" in the Middle East.

Build "the fence" re-settle the land, close the borders, employ only Israelis and, in five years tops, the "Palestinian people" are gone - either moved on or will have visited genocide upon themselves.

The only crisis is that the "Palestinian people" are in extremis. Israelis don't care, the pan-Arab nation doesn't care and neither does the world; the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has quotas on "Palestinian" immigration, as does Saudi Arabia and Syria; and Egypt kills some "Palestinian immigrants" at the border. That, I find ironic, because Gaza used to be part of Egypt from 1948 to 1967.

This sixty-some-year war is over.

Last summer's war took far more out of the Arabs and associated terrorist groups than it did Israel. Lebanon was devastated, there was no infrastructure. There is a United Nations presence in southern Lebanon between Israel forces and terrorist enemies. Iran is very busy suborning Syria. And the Syrian air force can not maintain the sovereignty of Syrian airspace.

Why go to Annapolis? What's the point?

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is going to Annapolis because he hopes to resuscitate his dead political career and because the current US Administration wants to resuscitate dead Republican hopes in the upcoming Presidential election. But what's in it for Israel? What can Israel gain in negotiations with the Palestinian Authority President Abu Mazen? Who does Abu Mazen represent - the government of the Palestinian Authority? Is Abu Mazen authorized to negotiate with Israel or to make a deal to "make peace"?

Abu Mazen can not "make peace" or guarantee anything at all. In fact, Abu Mazen does not actually control all of the Palestinian Authority "territory." Abu Mazen is not authorized to "cut a deal," much less implement or guarantee any deal. Prime Minister Olmert has no political or moral mandate to "cut a deal" or negotiate away sovereignty over Jerusalem.

Israelis want peace, but Israelis want Israel.

So, what is the point of negotiations in Annapolis? Israelis want peace, but Israelis want Israel - all of it. Abu Mazen and the current Palestinian Authority "government" can not make or guarantee peace. There is always risk associated with negotiations or making peace, but why would Israel take any such risks negotiating with a "government" that isn't a government, a leader that is not the leader, or negotiating peace with someone who can not guarantee peace?

As a long-since dead socialist once wrote, "What is to be done?"

Stay home, send no one to Annapolis. Indict and convict Prime Minister Olmert, and replace him. But most of all, re-settle historic Israel, re-claim your birthright and legacy. In a military sense, this sixty-year war is basically over. Iran is now the threat.