Israel is perceived in many parts of the world as an occupier of Palestinian lands and an oppressor of their people; of maintaining unnecessary military checkpoints in the West

Misinformation is disseminated by an efficient Arab public relations machine.

Bank and of causing hunger and unemployment in Gaza by preventing humanitarian supplies to reach there.

All that misinformation is disseminated by an efficient Arab public relations machine that relentlessly pumps out those points and more. One would think that Israel's government would do all in its power to counter that propaganda, by engaging the best advertising and public relations brains in the world to show the real relationship with the Palestinians, the necessity to check for terrorists before they reach our population centres, and to show examples of the explosive devices and suicide belts that these checks reveal; to provide evidence to the world of daily stone, firebomb and knife attacks by Palestinians on Jewish civilians going about their daily business.

One would think that the government would show that those attacks are not perpetrated by hungry Gazans, but in many cases by Arabs with Israeli identity cards. The same Arabs and their families who fill the waiting rooms of Israeli doctors and hospitals just like any other citizen of this country. They come from their villages to shop in the cities' malls and move freely and unmolested. Yet, I would be ill advised to enter any of their villages, unless I would want a knife between my shoulder blades.

Some time ago, Israel's government initiated a new PR campaign on TV and video to show an image of Israel other than the often biased reports about the activities of Israel's security forces in the West Bank and Gaza.

When I heard about that, I assumed that it would show the history of the Jews reinforcing their claim to the land, or the wonderful landscape, scenery, heritage sites and archaeological treasures; or Israel's large and important contributions to the advances in the fields of medicine and technology; or that it would counter the claim that Israel prevents supplies from reaching Gaza. But no, the campaign focuses on the beauty and the gorgeous figures of Israel's girls when they are out of uniform and frolicking on the beaches, clad only in - well almost not clad in anything at all. Labour Member of Knesset Collette Avital likens it to an invitation to come to Israel for free sex.

Perhaps the new PR campaign would have more effect if it showed that all of Gaza's fuels and 63% of Gaza's electricity and almost all of their water are supplied by Israel, while those in Gaza, in return, send rockets and mortars at Jewish population centres and then hand out sweets when they hear of casualties. Israel's government would do well to explain that the rockets are manufactured with machines driven by Israeli-supplied electricity and that the terrorists drink water flowing in from Israel. All of Gaza's utilities could easily be turned off by Israel, but humanitarian considerations prevent this. Would any other country in the world continue to supply a neighbour who bites the hand that feeds it?

Instead of her beautiful girls, Israel should show a different view - like footage of a raid on a house in south Tel Aviv to recover an explosives belt that had been brought there in

63% of Gaza's electricity and almost all of their water are supplied by Israel.

preparation for a suicide attack in the city. It could show how a pregnant Israeli-Arab woman pretending to feel unwell would not get up from her bed, claiming that there is nothing unusual in her home; yet, when the forces continued the search, they uncovered a terrorist and a weapons cache under the bed. Surely, such images would convey a truer picture to the world of why Israel has to have checkpoints (at which, in 2006, 187 potential suicide bombers were caught).

It would also be more effective to show how terrorists "without blood on their hands" who were released by Israel as a gesture to the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas, or granted amnesty from arrest, were then caught red-handed in possession of weapons. "No blood on their hands" simply means that they were unsuccessful on the last occasion and were arrested. All terrorists want to kill, that's implied in their creed.

Those are some of the facts that Israel should publicise. Images of beautiful girls would be useful to attract a younger generation of tourists to Israel instead of Phuket - if there were nothing else more important.