The late Rehavam Ze'evi (H.y.d.) wrote in the Hebrew-language Moledet party publication, some 14 years ago, about the menacing phenomenon of the Israeli left-winger, whose daily betrayals embitter the lives of us all. If left unchallenged, he will literally bring us all down together. As it was then, it is more so today.

It must be remembered that it was the Left that imported these terrorists to our shores.

The Israeli Left remains the single greatest threat to the Jewish people in their homeland. It can be argued that their actions, inactions, their spin and media manipulation, have caused more damage to Israel than those of the PLO and Hamas. It must be remembered that it was the Left that imported these terrorists to our shores through the treacherous Oslo Accords. Their goals, couched in the falsely deluding language of peace and liberalism, are inimical to those very ideals. In fact, their true path lies in the destruction of a sovereign Jewish state in the Land of Israel. It is imperative that we understand the left-wing phenomenon we face in order to decelerate the forces pushing Israel to self-destruct.

The Left, which today calls itself post-Zionist, is in fact pre-Zionist, their psychosis having its roots in centuries of ghettoised ideas and an exile-like mentality. For the Left, the irrational hatred of the Arabs or their anti-Semitic friends in Europe is justified. Leftists tell themselves that it is not that Israel is the victim of Islamic fascism, rather, the Arabs are the aggrieved party; if only we bribe them or scapegoat our brothers in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, then all will be alright. This world-view is similar to the pre-Zionist thinking that murderous Cossacks or Polish mobs could be bought off, and that if only we appease them a little, then we can avert another pogrom. The leftist subconscious believes that the centuries of anti-Semitism are not based on jealousy, on religious fervour, on scape-goating of a stateless minority, but rather have some justification. They see the Jewish people as to blame for being the victims of such racist assaults.

In Lebanon, the Left tied Israel's hands and did not let the army fight properly and achieve the necessary goals. It did so out of a false belief that if we do not use the necessary and acceptable norms of self-defence in war, then the world would lavish us with praise. They remain ready to betray our kidnapped soldiers rather than occupy any corner of southern Lebanon or Gaza. They wish to cower behind the ghetto wall, hoping all will be okay. They will continue to allow Hizbullah to rearm and prepare for the next war.

The Left's psychosis sees Israel as a mighty power that is totally to blame and the Arabs as the underdogs, who need to be helped to achieve their false dream of peace. That tiny Israel is surrounded by 300 million petrol-rich Arabs is, of course, irrelevant to the Left. It is also less troublesome to those living in the "Tel Aviv bubble" to view the Israelis as a strong power that needs to compromise, than as a nation that needs to be on constant guard and that must fight. In their imagination, they forget the Islamic hordes at our gates, whose millions, brainwashed by incessant propaganda, are eager to push us into the sea.

The Syrian regime wants peace, the Left-controlled media cries, yet how convenient it is to ignore the daily threats from the neurotic optician in Damascus; all we must do, they say, is surrender our Golan to the Baathist regime and all will be fine. The fact that territorially vast Syria started two wars against us in 1948 and 1967, when the Golan was under their occupation, is ignored by the leftist narrative. To suggest that the victor, who

The Syrian regime wants peace, the Left-controlled media cries.

was attacked and defended itself in three successive wars, should reward the aggressor is symptomatic of their lack of any basic national dignity. While they crave to be Americans - at least in terms of plastic shallow Hollywood subculture - they would not dream of emulating American self-respect.

The Israeli Left is ignorant of the Arabs they pretend to so love. For the most part, they do not speak Arabic, they have not read the Koran, they are unaware of Islamic history, and are ignorant and patronizing towards the Jews from the Arab lands. They are uninformed of the history, culture and experiences of these Jews, who comprise nearly 50% of Israelis today. Indeed, in their sublime arrogance, the leftists call these Jews Mizrahiim - "Easterners" - but the fact is that the Jews of Egypt, Morocco and Algieria, etc. came from more western lands than the impoverished ghettoes of the Ukraine and Poland. The complete silence for over 50 years by the left-wing establishment in demanding basic compensation from the Arab world for the annihilation of Arab Jewry, for the theft of their lands and property is part of their betrayal. To the Left, only Arabs have rights in this region.

The recent appointment of a virulently anti-Zionist Arab clerk, Raadi Sfori, to the directorate of the Jewish National Fund is an interesting example. Sfori, who was chosen by the Meretz faction, could not even bring himself to say that he would hold loyal to the ideals of the organisation he is now supposed to direct. The Land of Israel was laid barren for hundreds of years, during the dark periods of Arab and later Islamic occupation. Thanks to the JNF and Zionist efforts over the last 120 years, the desert is now green again. That Sfori was chosen by the Meretz faction, though, is not surprising, his goals being identical with those of Yossi Beilin and his subversive party, which would destroy the Jewish state from within.

One must first acknowledge that the leftist leaders are aware of the ramifications of their disastrous policies and continue to support them. They will not let the public see them for what they are - failures, at best, or traitors, at worst. The war in Lebanon in 2006 is a direct result of Ehud Barak's surrender of land to Hizbullah and Syria. Barak and his Labour party, which has served in every coalition government since, cannot admit their recklessness. They cannot admit that Oslo was a calamity, that it increased terror six-fold and that the expulsion of the Israelis from Gush Katif has brought about a Taliban statelet in Gaza.

The priority of the national camp must be to bring this terrible government down.

It is abundantly clear that the priority of the national camp must be to bring this terrible government down as soon as possible. Only by initiating a de-programming of the nation from the Oslo myths can we move forward. This will require a struggle against the extreme Left that controls the mainstream media. Democratisation will entail ending the left-wing hegemony of the courts and reclaiming the powers meant for the people's elected representatives. A first step will require trials for the Oslo criminals. A tribunal should be tasked with punishing those who have betrayed the nation over the dark period since 1992. It should seek to investigate the funding sources of subversive organisations such as Peace Now, the Geneva cabal and the Peres Centre. Only severe punishments will serve as a warning to future generations and right the wrongs of national betrayal.