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Assumption 4: There are Judges in Jerusalem

In the Supreme Court in Jerusalem there is a group of people who have imposed a regime of judicial terror on the believing public in Israel. Chief Justice Aharon Barak and his cronies have so brutally harnessed the judicial system and the public prosecutor's department for the benefit of the "enlightened" upper echelons that there is no longer any point in waging judicial struggles.

Many of the lawyers who attempted to defend the people arrested for opposing the expulsion found themselves facing an impenetrable, cynical and cruel system. If a magistrate of the peace became confused and released someone, the prosecution rapidly appealed and the error was corrected in the district court.

When some of the cases reached the Supreme Court, they turned into a political tribunal of a revolutionary court. Young girls accused of insulting a policewoman were jailed until the end of the legal proceedings; a sentence not usually given even to sexual offenders or wife-beaters. Some people were even jailed until the end of the implementation of the Disengagement Plan -- without even attempting to disguise the political motive for jailing someone without a trial. The Disengagement Plan revealed the real, ugly face of the Israeli judicial system when it comes to the belief-based public.

We must realize that there are no judges in Jerusalem. All the petitions submitted against the disengagement were rejected out of hand and further legitimized the destruction. The Israeli judicial system does not provide a remedy for the distortions, but is itself their source.

If we desire life, we must disengage from this criminal band. We must understand what degree of evil we are confronting and not make use of their services.

Assumption 5: Another Acre and Another Goat

The idea that another acre and another goat, another house and another synagogue, would decide the fate of the Land of Israel collapsed under the treads of the bulldozers.

The settlers have always preferred the ethos of the plough and have neglected the development of a new culture. It appears that settlement by itself is not enough to stem the tide. Whatever we build today can be destroyed by any ruler who comes along -- to the warm applause of the Leftist media.

If we desire life, we must divert our energy from settlement consciousness to leadership consciousness.

Assumption 6: Living in a Military Zone

Anybody who visited Gush Katif immediately saw an illogical situation that is easy to get used to. The people there lived in a military zone. The entire Gush was a kind of large army camp, with tanks in view of the houses, kindergartens overshadowed by IDF positions, electric fences, defensive concrete positions and more.

It is impossible to establish settlements in this way. A stranger entering the Gush immediately saw who belongs and who is the foreign conqueror.

If we desire life, we must understand that eviction-compensation is actually the correct, moral solution. If you are not ready to evict and compensate your enemies, you will find yourselves justifiably evicting and compensating yourselves and your dead.

Assumption 7: A Democratic Struggle

The basic assumption was that the State of Israel has sufficiently strong democratic foundations, making it possible to wage a democratic struggle without violence. Many people, headed by this writer, erred in this assumption. (I was mistaken regarding other things that I will specify later.)

This assumption led the public to expend tremendous resources on demonstrations that changed nothing.

Approximately 4% of Israel's population participated in last summer's human chain. A similar percentage of the population of the US could deploy a human chain from coast to coast.

"What could an American public that organized such a demonstration demand and receive?" I asked an intellectual from the US.

"The moon", he answered me seriously.

In Israel, this demonstration had no effect. Israel is not a democracy, but a cynical and cruel dictatorship that acts in the guise of democracy. Although the bounds of personal freedom are greater than those usual in dictatorships, there is still a long chain making the dog forget that he is tied up and enslaved.

Elections in Israel are meaningless. If you vote for the Left, you get the Left, but if you vote for the Right, then you also get the Left. The concept of the Unity Government neutralizes the voters and makes a mockery of elections. The branches that are supposed to balance one another - the executive, legislative and judicial branches, and above all, the media that are supposed to be critical and supply uncensored information - all the watchdogs of democracy, have become the Dobermans of despotism.

For the belief-based public that, by its very nature, is associated with the root of the dispute over the identity of the State, there is no democracy; and there won't be until we assume leadership of the country. Thus, I was gravely mistaken when I called on the public to be arrested. Willingness to be arrested will bring down a democratic regime, but will have no effect against state-backed police thugs, elitist judicial terrorism or the character assassination perpetrated by the media against the belief-based public, which has become a kind of Untermensch, deprived of all human rights.

If we desire life, we must stop wasting time and resources on demonstrations, films, blocking of roads -- in short, all the forms of struggle usual in democratic regimes. This arena does not exist for us. The mass demonstrations achieve the opposite -- they give the "enlightened" elite, the ruling group, the democratic fig leaf that it needs. Our only alternative is to replace the despotic regime with true Jewish leadership.

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