Who is a Zionist?

Who said, "If the people of Israel will redeem the Land of Israel, then the Land of Israel will redeem the people of Israel"?

Theodor Herzl? Beryl Katzenelson? Rabbi Kook?

No. It was Rabbi Menachem Porush (father of Knesset Member Meir Porush), among the elders of [the Hareidi] Agudat Yisrael.

So who is a Zionist here? Shimon Peres? Ariel Sharon? Tzippi Livni? Or maybe Porush, the aged "non-Zionist", who, before thousands of Zionist activists at the large rally in Ofakim, cried and pleaded against the division of the Land of Israel?

Blue and Orange

A true story.

A car flying a blue, pro-Disengagement ribbon was waiting at a stoplight at a Tel Aviv intersection. A girl offered the driver an orange, anti-Disengagement ribbon and, of course, encountered refusal.

However, the driver also had a question: "How much are you paid an hour?"

"Paid?" the girl asked with great surprise. "This is for the sake of saving the Land of Israel!"

But the woman in the car insisted, "And of all these youths, spread throughout all the intersections in the city - not one of them takes money?"

"Of course not!"

Without another word, the woman removed her blue ribbon and asked the girl for an orange one.

Subversive Literature

Police arrested a suspect for blocking roads and carried out a search of his home for 'inciting material'.

"Don't bother," the suspect's wife said to them, "I'll give you what you are looking for." And she handed them... a Bible.

A New Lexicon

"Closure" - In the past, it was placed on the cities of Arab terrorism. In the days of Ariel Sharon, on the Jewish towns of the Gaza region.

"Roadblocks" - In the past, to prevent the movement of Arab terrorists. In the days of Sharon, to prevent the entry of Jews into the area of the expulsion.

"Complaints About Treatment at Checkpoints" - In the past, an Arab woman in labor who was unable to make it to the hospital. In the days of Sharon, a Jew on his way to Gush Katif who was stung by a scorpion, whose friends called an ambulance from Ofakim, and it was held up at a checkpoint.

"VIP Pass" - In the past, allowing Arabs with preferential status to pass through checkpoints. In the days of Sharon, as above, but for Jews with such status.

"Infiltrators" - In the past, Arabs of Judea, Samaria and Gaza who sneaked into Green Line Israel. In the days of Sharon, Jews who sneak into Gush Katif to aid their brethren.

"Illegal Aliens" - In the past, Arabs who sneaked into Israel and remained here illegally. In the days of Sharon, Jews who are hiding in the homes of their brethren in the areas of the expulsion.

"Military Against Civilians" - In the past, Israeli soldiers in areas under military administration. In the days of Sharon, Israeli soldiers in the sovereign territory of Israel, in the Negev.

"Expulsion" - In the past, a method of punishment and deterrence employed against Arab terrorists. Sharon pledged to the Americans not to use it anymore. In the days of Sharon, a policy to "cleanse" territories of the Land of Israel of Jews, in order to fulfill the Arab Nazi demand to receive their state Judenrein. In the first stage, 10,000 Jews will be expelled, as an opening to the next stage, which will allow the establishment of a "Palestinian State" in "temporary borders", according to the Road Map, also cleansed of Jews. The estimate of the number of expellees in the next stage is about 80,000 people.

"House Demolitions" - In the past, a method of punishment employed against murderous Arab terrorists. Sharon pledged to the Americans not to use it anymore. In the days of Sharon, the destruction of thousands of homes, synagogues, schools, study halls and yeshivas, institutions, factories and hothouses of expelled Jews, in order to leave the Palestinians a clean and empty land, available for development.

"Detention Camps" - In the past, for imprisoning Arab terrorists. In the days of Sharon, for imprisoning Jews who violate expulsion laws.

"Unmanned Drones" - In the past, an airplane without a pilot deployed against Arab terrorism. In the days of Sharon, deployed in the Negev and over Gush Katif against Jewish patriots.

"The Limits of Force" - In the past, a slogan of the Left intended to cripple the IDF in the face of the Arab enemy. In the days of Sharon, a demand of the Right for the restraint of Sharon's predatory aggressiveness.

"A Diplomatic Solution" - In the past, offered by the Left as an alternative to military victory over Arab aggression. In the days of Sharon, demands by the Jewish Right to carry out a referendum or elections as an alternative to military retreat and the violent expulsion of Jews by the IDF.

"End the Occupation" - In the past, a Leftist slogan. In the days of Sharon, a slogan as yet not adopted, but that is appropriate to the situation of the Jews in the areas of expulsion.

"Let the IDF Win" - In the past, a demand by the Right to put down Arab terrorism. In the days of Sharon, the demand of the Left to put down the Jewish opposition to expulsion and uprooting.

For anyone who was wondering why the IDF needed so much "psychological preparation", the answer lies here. The psychologists, the spokespeople, the spin-doctors and the brain-washers were conscripted not just to crush and uproot human compassion from the hearts of the expellers, but also - and possibly principally - in order to help the IDF reorient itself to the former Arab enemy and the new Jewish opponent; to adjust to a situation in which Arab "predators" become "colleagues", while people of the IDF's own nation are treated as enemies.

"An Historic Event"

That is what Condoleezza Rice calls the Disengagement. And, along with her, the entire Leftist chorus.

Indeed, historic. For what happened on Tisha B'Av - the destruction of the two Temples, the destruction of Beitar, the Spanish expulsion, as well as the Holocaust - were "historic".

All of Gush Katif is 40 square kilometers (out of 360 sq. km. of the territory of the Gaza Strip; not a "third", as the hostile media lies). Throughout the world, there have been progressions and retreats from hundreds, and even thousands, of square kilometers and history was not impressed, nor was it recorded. As a result of wars, millions of people have been expelled and only rarely have such "ethnic cleansings" been noticed. Why, then, are there crowded into Gaza and its environs more than 10,000 journalists and correspondents from all corners of the world, more than one journalist for every Jewish expellee?

Because, indeed, the entire world hears in the word "Disengagement" the winds of history: total victory for the Arabs in the terror war that we have been locked into, including the attainment of a mid-range goal of "erasing the results of the 1967 war"; as well as the disintegration of two of the pillars of Zionism - settlement and security.

For the first time in history, Jews are expelling Jews.

For the first time in history, Jews are being exiled in their own land.

For the first time in history, Jews are blowing up synagogues (prior to this, synagogues were dynamited on December 9, 1938, in Germany, "Kristalnacht", but not by Jews).

For the first time in history, Jews are causing themselves destruction and loss that, were it done by Gentiles, would be thought of as "anti-Semitism".

For the first time in history, Jews are admitting by their actions that they have no right to the Land of Israel; they are acting as if the land is not holy to them.

This last point requires an explanation. Many Christian institutions give decisive historical importance to the dismantling of Jewish towns in the Land of Israel by Jews themselves. This act is interpreted by them as a confirmation of their doctrine, called Replacement Theology, according to which the people of Israel lost their divine right to the Land of Israel as recorded in the Bible ("to your offspring have I given this land"), and the Christian Church has come to replace them. The Crusaders, in their voyage of pillage and massacre to the Holy Land, saw themselves as "the people of Israel".

Christians who saw the expulsion of Jews from their land as punishment for the crucifixion of their Messiah had a very difficult time digesting the return of Israel to its land as promised in the words of the prophets, renewed Jewish sovereignty in the Holy Land, especially in Jerusalem, and the renewal of Jewish settlement, as the prophets said. It is for this reason that the Catholic Church hesitated so much in recognizing Israel, and it is why the Pope rejected Herzl's request for support of the Zionist idea.

Only the Christians called "fundamentalists" or "Evangelicals" reject Replacement Theology, and believe that the immigration and settlement of Jews in the Land of Israel is the fulfillment of the visions of the prophets. It is not surprising, therefore, that, as opposed to most of the Christian institutions in the world, they are passionate supporters of renewed Jewish settlement in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

The destruction of Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria, and at the hands of Jews no less, will be, Heaven forbid, an important and joyful event for all Christian enemies of Israel, an historical affirmation of their doctrine that the prophetic promises to the people of Israel have no more validity.

Saddam Laughs

The State Prosecution in a notice to the High Court of Justice: It is our intention to levy from the residents who refuse to evacuate voluntarily, as the law demands, the expenses of their forceful removal.

In Saddam Hussein's Iraq, the families of those executed had to pay the cost of the bullets used to put their loved ones to death.

Do people arrive at such wicked innovations on their own or do they learn from one another?

The Wooden Handle

United Kibbutz Industries will supply the Palestinian Authority know-how for the establishment of agricultural production lines. The CEO, Amos Rabin, told PA officials that his group sees Palestinian economic development - including development of areas vacated by the Jews - as being of supreme importance.

That's it for the socialist Jews.

The capitalist Jews will help the Palestinians establish casinos on the rubble of the synagogues of the Jews of northern Gaza.

And thus, we are personifying the well-known story of the axe blade that is chopping down a tree; but only thanks to the axe-handle, which is supplied by... the tree.