Of all the attributes that typified the colorful character of Adir Zik, of blessed memory, there was one attribute that, were he asked, I believe he would have chosen to be remembered for - Jewish pride. And that attribute became more and more pronounced in recent years, particularly in the face of the blandness that has spread all around, in the face of the haze and the confusion.

For Adir, there was no haziness; no "on the one hand... on the other hand...."; no "look, that's true, but...."; and no "things that you see from here, you can't see from there." He saw things sharply and lucidly; and he described reality in a powerful, clear voice, a Jewish voice, carving out rocks of truth from Mount Sinai and from the Temple Mount, and building with them a sturdy, stable edifice.

It was specifically he - the "man of the world", who studied moviemaking and television in the United States, who personally knew of the shamefulness of the media and arts milieu, with all its weaknesses and ugliness - who understood how much a man of truth has to strive for depth and establish himself on the solid, ancient foundation of Judaism.

Adir saw clearly the lies, the corruption, the manipulations and the hypocrisy of the "Israeli" leadership in all its shades. He analyzed it and presented a deep-rooted alternative, based on the Jewish culture that has withstood all the ravages of time and remained eternal, lively and vital. When he saw what Zionism had become, and where its political and cultural leaders had strayed, he understood the need to return to its Jewish foundation and rebuild everything from the beginning.

In the face of the "Oslo culture" - which is characterized by abandoning any spark of tradition and historical connection to Judaism and to the Land of Israel, by the abandonment of Jews to Arab neo-Nazi murderers - he increasingly came to recognize that the solution is to be found only in building up a values-oriented alternative, based on a connection with the Jewish people, with its traditions and with the Land of Israel.

He was convinced that the superficial, degraded, selfish and nihilistic "Israeliness", infused with falseness and hypocrisy, would not be able to survive, and that deep, eternal Judaism must be held up in contrast to it. Thus, Adir was able to open his weekly radio program with the song "They Will Not Defeat Me"; eternal Judaism cannot be defeated. Therefore, he spoke unceasingly of deepening the Jewish connection, of renewing the alliance with the haredim and of uncompromising support for the pioneers of land. He succeeded in expressing that truth in colorful, strong language, not hesitating to use sharp expressions (and in private conversations, expressions that can't be printed here).

And so, it was specifically Adir Zik who enraged the post-Zionist and anti-Zionist political and cultural elites ruling the media, the arts and the neo-Israeli culture. It was specifically he, who did not appear to be a typical settler or religious Jew, with his modern profession and his up-to-date speech, who endangered the ruling cultural hegemony. Therefore, it was specifically on him that his former colleagues put out a "contract" of absolute hostility.

His untimely death left a large void in the hearts of his friends, in what has been termed "the Right" (Adir also objected to those designations when he saw what had happened to those called "right-wing leaders"), and in the struggle for the future of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel.

At a meeting of friends several weeks ago, he said, "Don't worry. In the meantime, I'm still here." Now, he is no longer here and we are worried, hurting and longing. How symbolic it was that at the precise time of his death, it was reported that the government was about to release thousands of terrorists, while at the same time building detention camps for the thousands of settlers who will resist the retreat. We will try to be comforted by fact that before his departure, Adir Zik succeeded to generate a tremendous spark [zik adir in Hebrew - ed.] of determination and truth, to create a complete conceptual world, fixed on an eternal basis, which will withstand any eventuality.

And finally, it is clear - "Don't worry, Jews, we will win!"