Sometimes, one can find tomorrow's news in old newspapers.

Urit Struck of Hevron sent me two articles that appeared in Haaretz in December of last year, and they are truly enlightening. Amnon Lord quoted from them in Makor Rishon and I will do the same here because of the importance of the matter; so that we will know how the dark conspiracy to destroy the settlement enterprise was born and who is the dark figure pulling the strings, the figure who will this week or next pop out of the shadows to reap the rewards of the destruction and devastation that he periodically sowed. You guessed it: Shimon Peres.

Ostensibly, what chance did the man have, he who is responsible more than any other for the 1,500 Oslo War dead and thousands injured, to appear out in the open and to again ascend the public stage, in order to again obtain a central role in the national leadership? What chance did he have, essentially, to manage, with or without the title of Foreign Minister, the foreign policy of Israel?

An architect who designed a building that buried its tenants underneath it, a doctor who caused the death of his patients - who would allow the former to design a prestigious government project or the latter to run the national health system? And we have yet to expose the depths of the absurdity. This bad man has been exposed time and again in public as an "indefatigable underminer" and as the master of "dirty tricks", as the late Yitzchak Rabin called him, as a conspirator, as a liar and incorrigible schemer, as well as being obsessed with honor and publicity to the point of illness. What does it say about our society that we are again allowing this dangerous man to lead, to represent us?

Chamberlain, he of the umbrella, brought the world the "Oslo" known as "Munich", assuaged the Yasser Arafat of those days, Hitler, groveled before him and appeased him, and caused, by his foolishness, stubbornness and short-sightedness, the deaths of perhaps 60 million people in the Second World War; and all in the name of "peace". Is it at all reasonable that the English people would place in his hands the running of the country in its war against Hitler, against the results of his own actions? The British, a sensible people, brought in Churchill - Chamberlain's rival, who had warned against Chamberlain and his policies - and forced Chamberlain to resign shortly after the outbreak of war. Since then, he disappeared from view, from any position, from memory - with the exception of the memory of disgrace - he became a symbol of negative, despised and held in contempt.

The people of Israel is no less sane and normal than the English. When the terrorist war exposed for all the embarrassment of Oslo, and thus that of its wise men, its architects and its initiators, Shimon Peres above them all, the people were repelled by them and chose instead someone who was seen to be, and who presented himself as, the diametric opposite of Peres, just as Churchill was the opposite of Chamberlain: Ariel Sharon.

And it was here that the people of Israel fell into the trap. With the entry of Peres into the government, the century's greatest bluff is exposed - a fraud, deceit and misrepresentation for which it is difficult to find historical precedent.

As it turns out, above Sharon, pulling the strings the whole time, was... who, if not that selfsame Shimon Peres? Oslo he brought upon us openly, and the Palestinian state on the ruins of the Jewish settlement enterprise he brings upon us disguised as Sharon.

Hannah Kim, in Haaretz, raised the curtain a bit for us, so that we might witness the construction of the plot to steal the heartland of Eretz Yisrael from us, to divide the nation and bring it to the edge of civil war. Avi Gil, Peres' right-hand man in the past and currently, who was a director under Peres and works closely with him until today, is also a close friend and confidante of whom? You guessed it: Omri Sharon. This selfsame Gil organized a meeting with the millionaire industrialist Dov Lautman whose purpose was to influence Sharon to begin the dismantling of the settlements in the Strip. They believed, writes Hannah Kim, "that the moment even a single settlement will be evacuated, the rest will fall like dominoes." Who took part in the meeting? Their names speak for themselves:

Dan Meridor, Ami Ayalon and Yaakov Perry, Danny Rothschild, Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, Dalia Rabin-Pilosoff, the publicists Moshe Teumim and Tal Zilberstein, and Uzi Baram.

There, at that meeting, was born and there originated the demand to withdraw from Gaza. Not American pressure, not an American initiative - we did it all to ourselves. The plot originates with Peres, Sharon carries it across the ocean and it returns as American pressure.

The meeting with Lautman was before Sharon and Olmert went public with their declarations. The group threatened to start a public campaign attacking Sharon if he would not come out with his own initiative to dismantle the Jewish settlement in Gaza.

I still remember the birthday party Peres arranged for himself at the Tel Aviv Cultural Center. In his speech there, with Sharon seated beside him in silence, he one, single demand, as if it was a personal birthday wish, was to withdraw from Gaza; that is, to extinguish the Jewish settlement there.

Avi Gil reported on the Lautman meeting to Omri Sharon, who reported to his father. Among other things, Lautman and friends passed along to Sharon poll results, among them one survey according to which most Likud members support uprooting the Jewish communities of Gaza. It is well worth noting this point, how polls are played with. Afterwards, of course, we went and directly asked all the Likud members, and it turned out that the poll was false. But by then, it was too late. Peres already achieved what he wanted.

Sharon responded immediately and asked Omri to check with the Lautman group if the Labor party would join his government if he went with uprooting the settlements. Matters were so far advanced that Avi Gil and Sharon Jr. already sat to plan the division of portfolios in the national unity government. Note: we are talking about December of last year, eight months ago.

And that is how the famous "disengagement" plan was cooked up - in Peres' kitchen.

In a different article, Hannah Kim says that the famous Road Map, the pernicious document according to which the whole world (America, Russia, Europe, the UN) commits itself to take everything from us - including Jerusalem - and return the refugees, and according to which we accept upon ourselves control and oversight of the "Quartet", and essentially relinquish our very sovereignty. This Road Map was also born in Peres' ailing mind. It was Peres who sold it to Condoleezza Rice, it being nothing other than a reincarnation of the Peres-Abu Mazen agreement of 2001, reached with Sharon's approval and according to lines Peres developed beforehand with Sharon, as Sharon himself admitted.

Why is it dangerous "to knock on the devil's door"? Because Satan might open the door. After Peres, as himself and disguised as Sharon, sold George Bush the "vision" of a temporary Palestine in all of Gaza and half of the territory of Judea and Samaria, it became the "Bush vision" for all of Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jerusalem. Matters went so far that when Sharon's representatives, among them Dov Weisglass and Giora Eiland, asked that same Condoleezza to write explicitly in a letter to Sharon from Bush that at least the blocs of Ariel, Maaleh Adumim and Gush Etzion will remain ours, she simply threw them out of the room, according to a report by Nachum Barnea. And Barnea gets his information right from the source.

Sever Plotzker wrote in Yediot Aharonot this April in connection with the corruption in the Palestinian Authority, that even the idea of "donor nations", which transferred to Yasser Arafat four billion dollars thus far, was thought up by - guess who - Shimon Peres, of course. And now that it seems that all that money disappeared, Peres is again meandering among people in the American and European administrations in order to convince them to pour more billions into the Palestinians. As you read how the World Bank is being made a guarantor to receive the property of the Jews in the communities targeted for uprooting, and how a financial celebration is being prepared for the Palestinians on the occasion of our flight from the Gaza coast, which will be called "an international operation for the development of the Gaza Strip", for otherwise a terrorist state will arise there after our retreat - be aware that it is all at the instigation of Shimon Peres. That is precisely how he justified the Oslo agreements.

As we see Sharon eat away at Judea, Samaria and Gaza like a pathogen - we just heard that he cancelled all of the construction plans that Sha'ul Mofaz alreaddy approved, among them in Ariel, Maaleh Adumim and Beitar Elite, "privileged" places, supposedly secure - it is important that we remember: Sharon is Peres. And when we hear about the subversion and dark plans of Peres, it is important that we remember: Peres is Sharon; just as Avi Gil is Omri Sharon and vice versa.