For many years, the Spanish people did not understand the symbolism of the name "Cordova", the name of hundreds of Arab schools. Amongst them is an Arab girl's school that is, for some reason, opposite Beit Hadassah in Hebron. The Spanish also believed that generous funding of the PLO and the PA would buy them quiet. It seems that they were mistaken.

The history of the Arabs in Spain is ancient: it has continued for almost 800 years. It's now clear that it has not yet concluded.

Spain was the banner of the massive Moslem conquests, which commenced in the Arab peninsula with the goal of conquering the Christian world. Within the vast Islamic empire, Cordova was the crown jewel. The largest and most beautiful Spanish mosque was built there in the 10th century and was the glory of the Islamic faith.

But it should be known that the Christians, for some reason, did not accept the Spanish conquest, and despite the hundreds of years that passed, they decided to fight against the Arabs and expel them. For hundreds of years, there was constant warfare between the Moslems and Christians, but only in the 15th century did the Christians regain control of Spain. This was called the "Reconquest." (By the way, this has not occurred in Eretz Yisrael, where the Moslems are still rulers over large parts of the land. It will be interesting to see when the Jews will succeed in their own "Reconquest," expelling the Arab conquerors and returning the land back to its rightful Jewish owners.)

The huge mosque in Cordova was transformed into a beautiful church and the Christians thought that the story was finished. However, they were mistaken. The Arabs did not accept their expulsion from Spain. They still dreamt of Cordova. Hundreds of institutions and schools in the Arab world were named after the capital of Muslim Spain, in the hope that one day they would see the half crescent flying above the Iberian Peninsula.

An example, a constant reminder, is the name given to the Arab girl's school in Hebron opposite Beit Hadassah, which, every morning, provocatively blasts the Palestinian Authority anthem over powerful loudspeakers. The European observers in Hebron escort girls to this school each morning, protecting them from the "evil Jews", while totally and intentionally ignoring the name of the school and its implications.

The Spanish government accomplished great things: they thought to buy the Arab heart with money and funneled millions of dollars to the PLO and the PA. Much of this money was invested in building projects in Hebron, allowing Arab enemy forces to surround Jewish neighborhoods in the city. The PA took over and now controls abandoned ruins, providing homes to previously jailed terrorists and other 'good Arabs,' allowing them to form a ring around the Jewish community, threatening to strangle it.

Whoever walks through the alleyways of the newly constructed Hebron Casbah will find many buildings with signs at the entrance: 'Built with assistance of the Spanish government.' In this way, the Spanish government literally rebuilt abandoned ruins of Hebron. Not, of course, because they love the Arabs. Rather, this was a scheme the Spanish used, attempting to bribe the Arab terror organizations, hoping that the Arabs would forget the unforgettable: that Spain was part of the Islamic empire, and therefore the Spanish must be expelled.

But there are things that cannot be bought for money. As you know, where there is conquest, there is terror. We witnessed the results earlier this month.

Therefore, if this cycle of bloodshed is finally to be concluded, reducing motivation for further terror attacks, the Spanish conquest must be brought to an end. Spain must be returned to its Arab masters within the framework of a workable agreement, as soon as possible. Then, finally, Cordova will be redeemed. And then we will all say, "Amen".