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A new survey showed that while most parents support subsidized early childcare, they still prefer to send their children to a private setting, Maariv reported.

The Tefen survey included 2,360 parents of children up to age 18.

It showed that 56% of parents believe that if early childhood education is subsidized, they would still prefer to send to a private childcare setting. In addition, 52% of parents are not happy with the matriculation reforms and believe they are either not good or awful, versus just 36% who think the reforms are good or great.

Most parents (53%) think that raising teachers' salaries is what will most improve the problems and gaps in education. Sixty-seven percent (67%) of parents would support an initiative for academic parents to volunteer to come in and teach classes, and 64% would be happy to participate in such a project.

At the same time, 59% of parents are concerned due to the fact that the educational system does not provide solutions for social issues such as violence and excommunications. Similarly, 59% of parents say the Education Ministry is not doing its job properly.

Mally Bitzur-Parnes, CEO of Tefen Israel, noted the "great and increasing dissatisfaction on the part of parents who feel that their children are not in the best hands," adding, "What is happening now in education is, in my eyes, one of the greatest crises we've ever seen in the field."