MK Fateen Mulla
MK Fateen MullaIsrael National News

Likud MK Fateen Mulla has protested at the portrayal of his party as "anti-soldier," following the Likud's decision to vote against legislation proposed by the coalition that would partially fund university studies for discharged combat soldiers.

The legislation, known as "From Uniform to University," would provide government funding for stipends for soldiers who have completed their mandatory service.

"They are making it appear as if Likud is somehow against soldiers' interests," Mulla told Radio 103FM. "What we want in fact is to benefit soldiers as much as possible. I will be voting as my party has decided, because we have asked for, and continue to ask for, one hundred percent funding for discharged soldiers - and if the legislation is adapted, we will be able to vote in favor.

"We don't agree to 70 percent funding, or 80 percent, but only 100 percent," Mulla, who is Druze, stressed. "Why shouldn't that be possible? Will the country collapse tomorrow or the day after if they do that? Nothing will happen if it happens next week or at the end of the month."

Mulla noted that, "We have voted with the coalition on many laws. But I don't understand why they have money for Zoabi, for Lapid, for Horowitz, and for Liberman, to fill supposed gaps. They should be giving to everyone. Zoabi gets budgets, Ra'am gets budgets, but soldiers don't? Why is this happening?"