Police arrest infiltrators (archive)
Police arrest infiltrators (archive)Police spokesperson

In the coming weeks, the IDF intends to establish a new brigade that will be tasked with preventing the infiltration of illegals across the security fence, Israel Hayom reports.

The report describes the project as a pilot plan which will first be implemented along a stretch of the fence dozens of miles long in the "Maccabim" section, and which will be extended to other areas if it proves effective.

The new brigade will work to improve security along the fence and cover the breaches until such time as they are repaired, via more a effective command system; during the initial stage, the headquarters of the Kfir Brigade, under the command of Colonel Sharon Altit, will be given this task.

After the pilot plan, the IDF will make a decision on whether to continue to use troops from the Kfir Brigade for this task, troops which in any case are based in and around this area, or whether to rotate troops from other brigades to serve in this role.

The IDF will also decide, based on the pilot plan, whether to continue the plan until further notice, including the option of adding brigades to monitor other parts of the fence, or to put it into action only for specific security goals.