An MI5 agent tasked with infiltrating right wing extremist groups terrorized his girlfriend and was a “violent right wing extremist” who wrote in a private diary about killing Jews and collected Nazi memorabilia, according to BBC News.

The BBC report was published on Thursday after a legal fight to force the British government to reveal the agent’s identity. The injunction was kept in place and the BBC identified the man as “X” – a covert intelligence source – in its reporting.

The agent was described as a violent “right wing extremist” who had a cache of Nazi memorabilia and continually terrorized his girlfriend, including video footage showing X threatening a woman named Beth, reportedly his girlfriend, with death and attacking her with a machete.

After the incident, local police searched X’s home and found that X had a large collection of Nazi items. There was also a private diary in which X wrote about killing Jews.

The agent allegedly moved to another country and continued his intelligence work while the investigation took place.

Beth told the BBC that X said his job was as a paid informant for the British security services, formally referred to as a covert human intelligence source (CHIS). He was tasked with infiltrating right wing extremist groups. She described knowing about him meeting with his handlers, and being given money and equipment.

According to the report, X worked for years as a CHIS for MI5 under different aliases.

While it was X’s job to gather intelligence on right wing extremist networks, the evidence in the case points to him having similar extreme beliefs.

Beth described X praising white supremacist mass murderers and said he planned to orchestrate similar killings.

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