Bullet holes in windshield
Bullet holes in windshieldiStock

The prosecutor's office filed an indictment this morning (Friday) against Ilana Sporta Haniya, suspected of sending death threats to to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and his family that included a bullet.

The indictment includes counts of extortion by way of threats to Prime Minister Bennett, possession and carrying of weapons.

According to the indictment, filed by attorney Roy Reiss, “the defendant is a political activist, who frequently posts political posts on social media, and participates in political demonstrations and protests. For many months, at the core of her political-ideological views and actions, there has been severe opposition and hostility towards the Prime Minister and his immediate associates. During this time, the defendant frequently posted on social media, condemning the prime minister, including swearing, blatant slander, harsh accusations, and wishing him death."

The letter continues: "the defendant prepared two letters of extortion with threats: an envelope addressed in her handwriting to [Bennett's wife] Gilat at a Ra'anana college where she works on and off consisting of a 5.56 mm rifle bullet, and a sheet of paper with the following printed text: 'This is the bullet that is going to kill your wife, Gilat, or you, Naftali Bennett, the crook. I suggest you resign now.'"

"While preparing the two letters, the defendant made sure to avoid leaving finger prints on all the items, using gloves or a bag covering her hands so as not to leave traces that could lead to her identification. She sent them out shortly after getting them ready. As a result of the threats, the personal security around the Prime Minister was increased."

The prosecution wrote in its request to arrest of Sporta Haniya that, "in light of the seriousness and nature of her actions, and the political-ideological fervor for which they were carried out, there is reasonable basis for fear of her posing a threat to public safety, the prime minister, and his direct environment...of her shooting not only him - but also his wife and son - if he does not resign.

"Naturally, in these circumstances, there is scope for harm beyond the prime minister and his family, which includes the entire public and the foundations of the democratic regime."

Sporta Haniya, a 65-year-old resident of Ashkelon, was arrested last week after a police investigation raised suspicion that she was behind two letters featuring death threats to Bennett's wife and son.