The vehicle which tried to ram a checkpoint
The vehicle which tried to ram a checkpointIsrael Police spokesperson

Four Palestinian Authority Arabs were arrested Friday morning at the Hizma checkpoint after the vehicle in which they were traveling attempted to ram Border Police officers.

The Arabs arrived at the checkpoint in their vehicle, and the officers signaled for them to stop. The driver, however, did not listen to the order, and tried to break through the crossing by driving quickly, while endangering the lives of the Border Police officers stationed there.

Acting quickly, the Border Police officers and security guards raised the spikes on the checkpoint's pavement, and the driver who was attempting to escape them reversed quickly towards the forces, who fired at the vehicle.

No one was injured.

A search of the vehicle revealed a material suspected of being a drug, and pepper spray.

The suspects, their vehicle, and the findings have been taken by Border Police for further examination and interrogation.