Ilana Sporta Haniya
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Israel Police have concluded their investigation into the death threats sent to the family of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, which consisted of two separate letters, with a bullet in each envelope.

Last week, Ilana Sporta Haniya was arrested in connection with the case, and on Wednesday, a prosecution statement will be issued against her, which will include the obligation to file an indictment by next Sunday, according to a report on Channel 13 News.

Sporta Haniya has remained in custody since her arrest, and on Monday, Channel 13 revealed the body of evidence against her. Police have stated that the testimony of an expert graphologist has confirmed that the writing on the envelopes is Sporta Haniya's; furthermore, security camera footage has been uncovered which was shown to the suspect while in custody.

In the footage, the suspect can be seen in her office, wearing gloves, and taking a sheet of paper from a printer and placing it in a plastic bag. She can also be seen placing an additional object in the bag, and police investigators have surmised that it was the bullet that was sent with the letter.

Sporta Haniya, meanwhile, continues to deny any wrongdoing. Her attorney, Adi Carmeli, stated: “The District Court has ordered a further two-day detention to allow the police to take further action. I am confident that the police will not manage to obtain the evidence they need to convict my client, and I add that all the attempts by the police to pressure my client to confess to things she did not do will not succeed.”