Arab terrorists brandish knives
Arab terrorists brandish knivesAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

Arabs are boarding public buses around Israel, harassing the passengers and threatening violence, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

So far, the incidents have not cost any lives, the site added.

Speaking to Kikar Hashabbat, Zalman Stub described his experience on an intercity bus traveling from Eilat to Jerusalem.

"On Friday I traveled on a bus from Eilat back to Jerusalem," he said. "Behind me, in the very back seats, sat five Arabs threatening, listening to loud music, lighting a cigarette. After half a minute the smell spread and people started turning around, everyone looking backwards. One women stood up, looked around, and tried to shout - the barbarians laughed and she went back to her seat. In the meantime I was trying to sleep, but the barbarian music did not stop. I turned around and asked that they lower the volume, but the barbarian laughed."

Smoking is prohibited by law on all public transportation in Israel.

Stub continued, "After the stop, we got on the bus again, and the music was deafening again. I turned around again, and asked, and the barbarian, all fire and flames, screamed at me to turn back around immediately. His friend who was sitting next to him kicked the armrest of my seat hard, and also ordered me: 'Turn back around immediately.' Is this real? I wanted to respond, but the friend who sat next to me calmed him down and explained to me pleasantly what would happen to me if I responded."

"People on the bus were looking. They were suffering, but quiet. No one would risk something with those barbarians. I was in enough loud music events in my life, but the hate-filled look told me everything. This was not just another wild kid, this was war - here, there were knives just waiting to be drawn. The driver, for his part, pretended he did not see until we reached Jerusalem. The barbarians got off at the entrance to Shuafat, dismayed that their knives would need to be drawn on a different day. It's clear to me that if I had responded, I would have lost."

"I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth: We, the Jews, have become impotent, and the war is everywhere: in Sheikh Jarrah, in Sheikh that's not Jarrah. Not at Sheikh and not anywhere with any Arab orientation. It's just everywhere."

Kikar Hashabbat also received reports of other, similar occurrences. One of these happened on Monday night, on a bus traveling from Beit Shemesh to Jerusalem.

"We boarded a bus yesterday and two young Arabs sat at the back of the bus," one of the travelers told Kikar Hashabbat. "From the moment we boarded the bus, the Arabs turned on Arabic music, smoked cigarettes, and began to laugh wildly in loud voices. Obviously no one complained to them and no one said a word - because of the inherent fear."

"Suddenly, in the middle of the journey, one of the Arabs pulled out a penknife and walked between the passengers, back and forth, making signs as if he were slaughtering someone.

"They just abused the passengers. The passengers called the police to report that there were people here that were threatening their lives. The police did not bother coming because they hadn't stabbed anyone yet. Their audacity has breached every boundary. There's nothing to say."