Iran’s Channel 1 recently aired a lecture in honor of International Quds Day aimed at foreign students that claimed Hitler had Jewish origins and that Israel abducts and harvests the organs of Muslim children, according to the MEMRI organization.

The speech by Iranian Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution member Hassan Rahimpour-Azghadi claimed that Hitler was “born to Jews” and denied the Holocaust.

“Where did the figure of six million come from?” Rahimpour-Azghadi asked. “In addition, even if six million Jews were killed, 70, 80, or 100 million Christians were also killed. After all, Europe is the most savage continent in the world, as you know.”

Rahimpour-Azghadi added: “I would like to tell you something that you might not believe. I have recently read studies and saw that Hitler had Jewish origins. He himself was born to Jews.”

Later in the speech, Rahimpour-Azghadi alleged the blood libel that Israel harvests the organs of Muslim children.

“You know, in recent years the Israelis have been taking the Palestinian children, as well as the children of Iraq, Syria, and Yemen and they use them for spare parts for wealthy Europeans, Americans, and Zionist Jews. You know, they harvest their organs and freeze them, and if the child of a wealthy Westerner has a problem with his kidney, heart, lungs or eye, and needs spare parts, they use these Palestinian, Iraqi, Syrian and Yemeni Muslim children.”

He claimed that “several cases of child abduction have been exposed recently.”

“Many thousands of children were lost in the recent [wars] in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Palestine. Or they take them into military bases where they sexually abuse them,” he said.

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