Chaya Gross
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Yesterday I escorted a friend to Yaffo and we were driven there by an Arab driver, a friend of his. He offered us cookies his wife made and obviously, since I keep the laws of kashrut, I did not partake. He was very friendly and appreciated that my friend ate the cookies and enjoyed them.

Then the conversation began in earnest.

Don’t remember exactly how the conversation started but of course it lead to a heated discussion as to whose Land this is. How his family had property and land that was confiscated and that he as a Palestinian Arab was mistreated in Israel.

My blood was still boiling from the cold blooded barbaric murders in Elad and all the other terror incidents and murders of the past few weeks, so of course that too was part of our interchange. No remorse, because after all they are somehow justified actions against their oppressors.

And of course the joys of Ramadan and the incitement by the fact that Jews want to pray on the Temple Mount, our holiest site.

And he told proof that there ever was a Temple! What??

5782 living in Eretz Yisrael and the Arabs that live amongst us think the Temple never existed? How could that be? How can a self respecting state not insist that the curriculum in every school include the history of the Jewish people in our Land?

When I specifically asked how an 18 and 19 year old boy could behave so brutally...he remained silent. I insisted that this is a result of the indoctrination of hatred with which they are raised and “educated” from childhood!

As the “nation state” of the Jewish people it is an embarrassment that this government was formed with Arab MKs. It is a huge desecration of G-d’s name, every single day!
When Jews are murdered and candies are given out, what is the message to their children?

Of course he was different, ...but is he, are they? Does their lack of outrage and reaction, not imply complicity? Silence their sense of revenge?

I explained too that although Abraham was the father of both our nations we know from the very beginning, from our first Matriarch Sara, that these two nations cannot dwell in peace together. This was hard for Abraham to accept, after all he had fathered a son by Hagar as well.

But ultimately G-d Himself was the arbiter in this situation, and he told Abraham...listen to your wife! As a mother, she knew better. We must take this lesson to heart.

We cannot live amongst people who want to deny our right to this Holy Land, and murder us and our children mercilessly, awaiting a time when we will all be gone.

That day will never ever come and we must make that unequivocally clear!

As the “nation state” of the Jewish people it is an embarrassment that this government was formed with Arab MKs. It is a huge desecration of G-d’s name, every single day!

Our government’s talk of the “two state solution” gives false hope to the Arabs amongst us, and as they see our government concede on all their demands, this strengthens their resolve for making more and more demands. The latest, demanding 50 more wakf “officials” on the Mount. Yes, they are entrenching their control over OUR holiest site and somehow this is ok?

We have reached the abyss. If this government had any integrity at all, its Zionist members would resign immediately.

Prime Minister Bennett has no legitimacy, perhaps more than Biden, but not much more. And his having invited Biden here shows clearly that Bennett does not grasp the reality on the ground either!

Biden can hardly finish a sentence and is clearly in cognitive decline. To bring him here is absurd, as he can only be used as a prop to push again for the implementation of the two state solution!

We must remain vigilant. The blood flowing in our streets will not stop unless an iron fist is used to quell this terrorist madness. How? By implementing the death penalty immediately and retroactively for cold blooded murder. We must demand this!
...Jews were redeemed in the merit of the righteous women.