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Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz and Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman have decided on the addition of 28 new special medical devices to the healthcare system, which will improve access to healthcare in Israel's peripheral areas and shorten queues for testing throughout the country.

The ministers agreed today (Thursday) on updating the regulations for special devices, which will lead to a significant addition of advanced medical devices to the health system. The latest regulations will be published in the coming days for public viewing and will be submitted for approval to the Knesset Health Committee.

According to the summary, the following will be added to the healthcare system:

- 13 CT instruments
- 9 MRI machines
- 2 robots for complex operations
- 4 pressure chambers and additional devices.

The ministers also agreed on the removal of the restrictions on the acquisition of dental CT devices.

This is an increase of tens of percent in the number of specialized devices, a move that will significantly improve the accessibility and availability of advanced medical services in the periphery and in areas currently suffering from gaps in healthcare services.

Health Minister Horowitz said: "We are continuing the health revolution and intensifying public healthcare throughout the country, with an emphasis on reducing the gaps in the periphery. There is no reason why the periphery shouldn't receive the most advanced medical service, and long queues will be shortened in central areas as well.

Finance Minister Liberman said: "Shortening queues and streamlining the healthcare system is a top priority task and we invest a lot of resources to implement it in the best way. The significant increase in medical equipment will be felt by Israeli citizens not only in central areas but also in the periphery. We will continue to do everything to maintain it and ensure that you receive the best service. "