Idit Silman
Idit SilmanYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Former coalition chair MK Idit Silman (Yamina) on Thursday morning participated in a legal conference, and detailed among other things why she chose to leave the coalition.

Silman quit the coalition days after promising that on her watch, the status quo would not be changed, and chametz (leavened food) would not be allowed into hospitals. That status quo was challenged by an appeal to the Supreme Court, following which the court ruled that the chametz must not be banned in hospitals during the Passover holiday.

"The example of chametz (leavened food) is just an example," Silman said. "In the Supreme Court, the chametz [appeal] was written by the Secular Forum and Adalah, which want to erase the Jewish identity of the State of Israel. In the end, the ones who supported the Supreme Court on this were [Meretz MKs] Mossi Raz, Michal Rozin, and Tamar Zandberg."

"When [Health Minister and Meretz chair] Nitzan Horowitz came now with this ruling from the Supreme Court, it did not come as a ruling that the Supreme Court made, and that he brought. This is Meretz's agenda, which began a long time ago. This is their agenda, that there doesn't really need to be a Jewish state. Let's make an autonomy here, live and let live, so why do we need a Jewish state? Why are we even here?

"Why did they file with the Supreme Court? Because every time the minority of the Secular Forum do not manage to bring their agenda to fruition, because they are a minority. So it turns to the Supreme Court, and this minority, which does not succeed in a democratic fashion via the Knesset, turns to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court is happy to use the authority given to it."