Ilana Sporta Haniya
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Ilana Sporta Haniya of Ashkelon is suspected of sending death threats accompanied by bullets to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. Haniya is denying allegations against her.

On February 22, Haniya posted, "I woke up at 4am after dreaming that Bennett, [Liberman], and (presumably Netanyahu) had died of COVID-19. I woke up with a smile on my face, completely satisfied with their deaths," to her Facebook account.

In 2020, Haniya was brought up on defamation charges against Channel 12 News journalist Guy Peleg for claiming Peleg attempted to assault her.

Peleg ended up being compensated NIS 568,000 in the lawsuit.

More details on the Bennett case to follow.

Ilana Haniya Sporta's Facebook post
Ilana Haniya Sporta's Facebook postFacebook