MK Bezalel Smotrich
MK Bezalel SmotrichIsrael National News

Religious Zionism party head MK Bezalel Smotrich has made an urgent request to Public Security Minister Omer Barlev, having learned of the intention of the "People's Committee of Lod" to hold a procession this Friday to mark the one-year anniversary of the "Glorious Events" - a reference to the riots that took place last year in Lod and other mixed Arab-Jewish cities.

The procession is expected to be attended by thousands of young Arab-Israelis from across the country.

In his letter to Barlev, Smotrich noted that, "In recent days, social media networks and newspapers have been publishing announcements in Arabic from the 'People's Committee of Lod,' and calling on the Arab community to attend this event being held to mark the riots perpetrated by Arabs against Jews in mixed cities during Operation Guardian of the Walls. The content and style of the announcements leave no room for doubt regarding the nature of this event, including the tangible danger of grave incitement - and, more worrying still, the likelihood that holding such a nationalist event will result in violent acts committed against the Jews of Lod.

"According to the advertisements, a large number of buses will depart from Arab towns across the country headed for this event," Smotrich added, "with the large number of people adding fuel to the fire of incitement to violence in Lod."

Smotrich also noted that, "Over the years, Israel Police has demonstrated its capability to prevent buses leaving for lawful, democratic events held in various parts of the country, such as the protest against the expulsion from Kfar Maimon. Therefore, it is even more incumbent upon the police that they prevent this event from being held, by actively preventing participants from arriving from other parts of the country. The fundamental obligation of every state is to ensure first and foremost the safety of its citizens," he stressed.