MK Abir Kara
MK Abir KaraIsrael National News

According to deputy minister Abir Kara of the Yamina party, the current political instability is not a crisis but rather an opportunity.

Kara was speaking to the Maariv newspaper, and claimed that due to the coalition's tenuous hold on power, he was able to bring even more significant achievements for both his party and Israeli citizens.

"I am utilizing the political situation in the coalition in order to benefit Israeli citizens," he said. "In fact, I reached a situation in which I'm the Knesset member with the most achievements to his name in the current Knesset: imports, regulations, patents, a safety net for the self-employed, compensation for those harmed by the Omicron [coronavirus variant]. You can't deny my political power. In the next elections, I'll be bringing tens of thousands of votes to my party," he added.

In the first public reference to the political arrangement that exists between him, Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked, and MK Nir Orbach, all of the Yamina party, Kara said, "The only political deal I have is with the public that sent me to the Knesset. I believe that Yamina will approach the next elections with great achievements. But I'm not in the business of politics. Politics is a means, not an end."

Kara added that, "I meet with Ayelet and Nir on a regular basis, as we all realize that there are things we need to advance for the benefit of the general public. There are reforms, such as the safety net for the self-employed, that are almost ready. Among the three of us we are united out of a desire to bring achievements. We have to stabilize the coalition and bring those achievements, and the cooperation between the three of us enables us to do that."

Kara also noted that the achievements he was referring to enjoy a broad political consensus and are supported by many of the opposition parties, with whom he also cooperates. "The legislation that I introduce to the Knesset is not specifically right-wing or left-wing legislation," he said. "These aren't laws that split the Knesset between coalition and opposition. These are laws that enjoy a broad consensus because they benefit Israeli citizens. Other laws can be utilized for political benefit, but not the type of legislation I'm referring to."