German airline Lufthansa sparked outrage after banning all Jews from taking a flight on May 4 after it accused several Jewish passengers of not wearing masks during the previous leg of the flight, with an airline rep saying in a video, “It was Jewish people who made the mess, Jewish people made the problem.”

Masks are now optional on U.S. airlines but they are mandatory on Lufthansa flights. According to a report on website DansDeals, there was a crew member on the flight scanning passengers to ensure anyone not wearing a mask was caught. But reportedly not all crew members were wearing masks. The pilot also at one point made an announcement that anyone not wearing a mask through the whole flight would have an issue boarding the connecting flight.

According to the report and videos circulating on social media, when the plane landed at Frankfurt airport, Jewish passengers were stopped at the gate by two dozen armed guards who refused to let them board the connecting Flight 1334 to Budapest.

At that point, the video posted to Twitter was shot of the Jewish passenger asking the Lufthansa rep why all Jews were banned from the flight.

“I was wearing a mask the whole time, why am I lumped in with them?” the man asked the airline employee, in reference to the several passengers accused of not wearing their masks.

“Everybody has to pay for a couple,” the official said in response.

The man continued to question her, saying, “This is gruesome. This is unbelievable,” and wondering how such an act could take place in a Western country in the year 2022.

He also asked “Why am I lumped in with them?” and “What do you mean everybody?… Why do all Jewish people have to pay for other people’s crimes?”

The official answers, “Because it’s Jews coming from JFK.”

The man continued to question the rep about the injustice of singling out only Jewish passengers, and was finally told: “Jewish people made the mess, Jewish people made the problems.”

“So Jewish people on the plane made a problem, so all Jews are banned from Lufthansa for the day?”

“Just for this flight,” the Lufthansa representative said.

A second video showed the group of Jewish passengers being held in the airport by an armed German guard who would not let them board their flight. One of the group says, “Why do you hate us?” Another person is heard saying “Nazi.” The guard then accuses a passenger of being the one who called him a Nazi but the passenger denies it – calling someone a Nazi is illegal in Germany – and the guard attempts to have him come out of the crowd to be arrested.

Lufthansa said in a statement they are investigating the incident.