Scene of the attempted attack in Tekoa
Scene of the attempted attack in TekoaT.P.S.

Yair Maimon of Tekoa jumped up within seconds, and prevented a Palestinian Authority Arab terrorist from entering his home and carrying out a terror attack which could have ended in disaster.

Maimon, a resident of Tekoa, was sitting and drinking a cup of tea on his porch, chatting with his wife at the end of a long day. Suddenly, he saw a terrorist climb over the security fence just meters away from him.

Maimon immediately sent his wife and seven children into the house, told them to call security, took his M16, and went to face the terrorist.

As he walked out the door, Maimon discovered that the terrorist had outflanked him. He turned around just in time, and shot the terrorist, who was waving a knife, at short range, killing him just meters from the entrance to his family's home.

"My wife and I were sitting on the porch, and suddenly a man infiltrated our idyllic view, climbing the fence three meters from us. I ordered him to stop, and when he didn't respond, I realized there was a terrorist here," Maimon told Reshet Bet.

"I ran inside, took my weapon, and as a member of the on-call security department, I began searching outside. He arrived behind me with a drawn knife in his hand. I turned to face him and that was it - we ended the incident."

According to subsequent reports, three other terrorists who had intended to join the attack fled when they saw the shooting, thereby averting what could have been an immense tragedy.