Funeral of Elad attack victims
Funeral of Elad attack victimsHezki Baruch

Oren Ben-Yiftach, a resident of Lod and father of six who was murdered during the attack in Elad, is being laid to rest in Lod. He was killed yesterday, along with two others, when terrorists in a park in Elad began attacking people celebrating Independence Day with axes and a hammer.

Rabbi Eitan Shenrav, whose daughter was likewise murdered in a separate attack, eulogized him: "He volunteered to take a Rabbi to Elad in his car, when the Rabbi had no other way to get there. He was killed with an axe near that same car. It made us feel like our daughter had died all over again."

Rabbi Avraham Nachshon, rabbi of the national-religious community in Elad commented: "Boaz, Yonatan and Oren were not killed because they were Haredi, they were killed because they are Jews in Israel. The terrorists wanted to harm Jews, they are coming for us all, in this war we must win, and we will win."

"Once we show strength against them they will weaken. Today we show weakness - weakness of the government, weakness of the State Attorney's Office. Boaz, Yonatan and Oren helped the people of Israel - this confused group will no longer lead the people of Israel," Rabbi Nachshon added.

Mayor of Lod Yair Revivo said: ''The city of Lod has lost one of its most beautiful and talented sons. He leaves behind large and important family which in recent years has been visited many disasters. This tragedy breaks the community and the family to pieces. Oren was a fine young man, a man who made an honorable living and made great efforts to support a family with six children despite all the difficulties and challenges involved."

"The whole incident is inconceivable, I urge the government to ddecree the death penalty for terrorists, and prevent the Palestinian Authority from paying them for their actions. We need a death sentence for terrorists - it will not bring back the victims, but it is the least you can do for them ', said Revivo.