Ayelet Shaked and Abir Kara
Ayelet Shaked and Abir KaraMark Naiman

According to a Ma'ariv report, MKs from Yamina believe that senior party members Ayelet Shaked, Nir Orbach, and Abir Kara will announce a "dramatic" decision, announcing a deadline for leaving the party and establishing an independent faction.

A source close to one of the MKs told the daily publication that, "their goal for [the coming months] is to reach the maximum achievements in their specific fields. For Orbach, it is promoting construction in Judea and Samaria and other things he's presented to Bennett as an ultimatum for remaining in the coalition. Kara will try to strengthen the self-employed sector, while Shaked works to reach her own objectives."

"If they see that their efforts are met with success and the political situation continues [deteriorating] through the month of July," continued the source, "there's a good chance they'll split off and create their own party."

Last week, it was reported that Shaked had gathered her staff members and other aides, and instructed them to prepare to "clean out their desks."

According to the Ulpan Shishi report, Shaked estimated that the current government has very little time left, and requested the employees complete the central reforms which she has been pushing in connection with nursing employees, splitting apartments, and licensing businesses.

Sources who spoke with Shaked were under the impression that she believes the government has about a month left - no less, and no more.

Her office claimed that this isn't "wishful thinking," but rather an intelligent estimate, and that Shaked is simply preparing for every available scenario.