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Police on Sunday morning arrested an Arab resident of Lod suspected of running over and seriously injuring a Border Police officer in the Shoham area with a stolen vehicle last night.

The incident began with a report of a car theft in the city of Lod. Border Police and police forces were called to the scene and placed checkpoints along the escape route of the theft suspect.

A team of Border Police oficers set up a barbed-wire checkpoint on Road 444 at the Givat Koach junction and prepared for the arrest of the suspect and the stoppage of the vehicle. However, the suspect did not slow down when he reached the checkpoint, drove over the spikes, and struck one of the officers.

Two officers standing nearby fired at the vehicle and hit it, but the driver continued driving for another 300 meters and then fled on foot.

Many Border Police and police forces with the help of a helicopter began searching for the suspect and he was located at about 6 AM this morning.

The officer who was run over suffered serious injuries and was evacuated to Tel Hashomer Medical Center