Sheikh Yusuf Albaz
Sheikh Yusuf AlbazReshet 13

Sheikh Yusuf Albaz, the imam of the Great Mosque in Lod, was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of inciting Muslim worshipers on the Temple Mount against local police.

Albaz was summoned to the police station in Lod, where he was arrested, and will be brought before a judge on Sunday for a hearing on an extension of his detention.

This past December, Albaz was convicted of threatening and assault using a weapon, following an attack on lawyer Hanan Haddad.

The lawyer arrived at a building owned by Albaz's family to verify the execution of a court order, and Albaz threw a rock at him, slapped him and threatened him.

Albaz was also indicted last summer after publishing an inciting post against police officers.

In the post published by Albaz, he referred to an excerpt from a film in which two people are seen murdering traffic cops in revenge for being detained, writing: "The best way to deal with injustice."

Following the criticism of him, the sheikh published another post in which he wrote, "Who would have believed that MKs would be so intimidated by an American film and a person who expresses his opinion on the film. We will wait and see if it's some lunatics or...bankruptcy of the country. Time will tell the truth."