Yoni Bennett
Yoni Bennettscreenshot from Instagram

Yoni Bennett, the son of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, responded Tuesday evening to the threatening letter which was sent to the Bennett family's residence and which included a bullet in the envelope.

"It's so sad that such things happen because of incitement and people who got brainwashed (I do not want to call them people) who have a platform and they influence others - and they deserve to sit in jail for all the brainwashing they do to people," he wrote on his Instagram account.

"I wish we were fifty years back to a time when people respected each other, they did not agree but did not incite to murder," he added. "I know that comments on posts are not worth anything. It's just sad to see real people write such horrible things. To think this person lives and breathes like me but thinks like the devil is surreal.

"People do not understand that they have a real prime minister, an outstanding one, one with the highest values who gets things done and only does more and more. Politics and the media is his curse because he is really a good person. He is not interested in dealing with all the political drama. It's so uninteresting to him, external appearance don't interest him, not how much money you have, how much you got in your matriculation tests, how strong you are. It interests him how good a person you are because that's what matters.

"I say this as a human being, not just as his son. If I was looking from the side and I was a decent person I would think just like that. I wish there was a little more love, that things were a little different," Yoni Bennett concluded.