A newly published report found a record number of antisemitic incidents in the Netherlands, with school-age children the most impacted.

The highest yearly number of antisemitic incidents ever recorded in the Netherlands occurred in 2021. The 183 cases amounted to a 36 percent increase over 2020 and was slightly higher than the previous record from 2019, the Center for Information and Documentation Israel (CIDI) reported.

CIDI, the Netherlands’ leading organization dedicated to combating antisemitism, found that the figures are part of a trend of increasing antisemitism in the country over the last few years. CIDI director Hanna Luden said that an increasing number of incidents are occurring at schools across the country, mostly involving antisemitic bullying of Jewish students.

“These are heart-rending stories of children who wonder, ‘Why we are so hated?’ It is painful that sometimes children are confronted with their Jewish identity for the first time in this way,” Luden said.

CIDI added that school administrators generally take action when incidents occur, but often it is too little and too late.

Antisemitism has risen to levels in the Netherlands where Dutch Jews feel insecure and are reluctant to let their identity be known at work, in public and elsewhere, the report found.

CIDI also condemned a number of political parties in the Netherlands that have been unwilling to cooperate with initiatives to protect the Dutch Jewish community against antisemitism, saying their actions were worrying and incomprehensible.

In the report, CIDI listed recommendations for dealing more effectively with rising antisemitism. Among other measures, they recommended that the history of antisemitism be included in the school curriculum; that police should be given additional resources to investigate cases of discrimination; for public officials to be educated on antisemitism; and for online hate speech, particularly antisemitism, to be tackled.