Yakov Margi
Yakov MargiHillel Meir/ TPS

MK Yakov Margi (Shas) on Monday morning responded to the Knesset Committee discussion regarding whether to declare Yamina MK Amichi Chikli a "defector."

"I expect [Transportation Minister] Merav Michaeli (Labor) to come to the discussion and talk about how important it is to protect principles," Margi told Kol Hai Radio.

"When she refused to join the Netanyahu government - unlike her party members [Amir] Peretz and [Itzik] Shmuli - they praised her highly. Now we have a brave and honest MK who is standing up and saying, 'It was not for this that we made promises in the elections.'"

When asked why the opposition is barely represented in the committees, Margi explained, "We did not take membership in the various Knesset committees because we will not grant a majority to their political trampling. What they did is a serious hit to democracy and to the voters' wishes."

Margi also said that the coalition members "hate [former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu because he embraces the Jewish, traditional side. The day he speaks like them they will place him on a pedestal."

Regarding whether the current coalition will live out its term or break apart early, he said, "It won't be tomorrow, but in the end this government will fall. This session is short but there will be a tough battle and they will turn over every stone. They have a great desire to survive and prevail."

"Even if there are other deserters on the horizon, it won't be enough so long as the Joint Arab List does not decide to bring down the government and go to elections."

The Joint Arab List holds six Knesset seats, and the current coalition has sixty out of the sixty-one MKs necessary to function effectively.